Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring
Synergize 29 fallforit on Polyvore.com

Synergize Day Seven of Twenty Eight Days

Often we welcome spring by spending more and more time outside on porches, decks and gardens.
Today’s scene shows a fresh approach to a sheltered deck setting with a rattan woven seat. Accessories used have print designs by KBM D3signs.

The throw pillows seek attention with their fresh and vibrant colors in a gradient from light blue, spring green and yellow. In the Monarch Butterfly Series this print symbolizes leaves of a swan plant. In New Zealand the swan plant is one of the major food sources of the Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar. The beauty of this design is its versatility. Customize it to match the design your personal color scheme and transform it into a chevron design on a uni-colored background. At the side table a jumbo mug with an abstract chrysalis design keeps in line with the spring theme.

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Spring Formal Accessories

Spring Formal Accessories
Spring Formal Accessories by fallforit

Synergize Day Six of Twenty Eight Days

Day six shows an outfit to attend a formal spring event. The flowing orange dress and black heels are accessorized with nail coatings and a make-up mirror that show a print by KBM D3signs. The abstract Monarch Butterfly Series allows customization of the orange sections in the pattern. It is possible to replace the orange with any color of your choice.


Spring Green High Tops

Spring Green High Tops
Spring Green High Tops by fallforit

Synergize Day Five of Twenty Eight Days

Day five sets spring green high tops into the center and tries to capture the spring spirit of day three. Day three showcased a beautiful set on butterflies by annsofisweden. Aim is to translate spring into a wearable sporty outfit.

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Symbolic occasion is a fairy wheel ride on a spring fair. The out fit for the young joyful lady are shorts teal colored jeans shorts a spring green cropped tank top, a royal blue hoodie jacket and a teal colored back-bag.  Accessories used of the Monarch Butterfly Series by KBM D3signs are: spring green high tops and a can cooler with the same chrysalis pattern design.

Go Sporty

Go Sporty


Synergize Day Four of Twenty Eight Days

Go Sporty on day four. The sporty style shows black leggings with cut-outs in mesh and a stylish woven crop top in black, yellow and grey are completed with a black hoodie. Three colored high tops and a casual shoulder-bag have print design by KBM D3signs. It shows in resemblance of a Monarch caterpillar stripes in white, black and yellow. By choice the color yellow can be replaced with a custom color.

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Synergize Day Three of Twenty Eight Days

This vibrant artistic collage reminds on spring with the abundance of merging colors. An astonishing art set that instantaneously brightens up the dullest day. The spring green high top sneakers in the front center by KBM D3signs show an abstract chrysalis design of the Monarch Butterfly.

For all interested to see more of the artists' energetic work visit annsofisweden by profile.

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Black Heels

Synergize 1


Synergize 1 by Amila Sahbazovic


Synergize Day Two of Twenty Eight Days

In the center of attention are black heels, styled with a three colored printed tank top and wrist watch. The top and timepiece show an abstract wing design reminding of the Monarch Butterfly.

Amilia Sahbazovic, the creative and original power behind the set, utilizes polyvore.com to offer her services as product promoter for interested companies. Be sure to check out her talent …

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Trend Setter Monarch Caterpillar

Trend Setter Monarch Caterpillar
Synergize 22 fallforit on Polyvore.com

Synergize Day One of Twenty Eight Days

Trend setter in this spring mood conveying conservatory ambience is the caterpillar of a Monarch Butterfly.

Black, white and yellow, the signature colors of the caterpillar decorates the throw pillows and tableware that accessorize the rattan furnishings. The pillows are exemplary to our goal that a base design can be personalized by replacing one color. In this example the yellow sections can be replaced by any color.

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Day 8 – Monarch Butterfly Design

Eighth Set: Spacious Industrial Loft

The eighth home decor set in this series picks up on the industrial loft living with wooden flooring and rustic brick walls. The color palette features warm earthen tones with an orange loft sofa, a multi-colored area rug and a round drift wood table accessorized by a Monarch Butterfly print and abstract Monarch wing printed throw cushions.

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Spacious Industrial Loft
Spacious Industrial Loft fallforit on Polyvore.com