Day 8 – Monarch Butterfly Design

Eighth Set: Spacious Industrial Loft

The eighth home decor set in this series picks up on the industrial loft living with wooden flooring and rustic brick walls. The color palette features warm earthen tones with an orange loft sofa, a multi-colored area rug and a round drift wood table accessorized by a Monarch Butterfly print and abstract Monarch wing printed throw cushions.

For all creative fans use one of the Monarch Butterfly designs in a set, write a brief description, let me know about it and I will add it here.

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Spacious Industrial Loft
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Day 6 – Monarch Butterfly Design

Sixth Set: Relaxed Suburban Living

Adjectives that prompt to mind describing suburban living are: nature loving, inviting, relaxing, friendly, generous, community loving and comfortable  A sofa isle filled with throw cushions keep in line with this image and promises relaxing times to recharge with family and family friends. In communication with the natural suburban setting accents embrace the natural and abstract in the Monarch Butterfly photo print and the modern three colored printed cushions.

More about KBMD3signs' Monarch Butterfly Designs.

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