Monarch Butterfly Designs and the Law of Attraction

 What have the Monarch Butterfly designs to do with the law of attraction?

On a blue skied summer morning in the first week of January, while driving to the market, our family car broke down. A single event that set a burst of inspired action in motion, apart of majorly inconveniencing all parties. During this time of the year customary many small businesses are on their yearly vacation. Businesses are often closed for one or more weeks. As it turned out our mechanic had a break of two weeks. Consequently a mind boggling long week needed bridging without car. Luckily a friend lived close by and offered help. She lent her car on Sunday to take the trip to the local market and thus resolved our transport dilemma.

After returning the car, I crossed the neighborhood school ground on my way home. Routinely I would have followed the path along the fence. This time differed. Responding to an inkling I wandered past the classroom entrances.

Discovery of a School Study Project

Guess what, the flower patches lining the classroom windows were dedicated to? A study project monitoring the life cycle of Monarch Butterflies.

Milkweed bushes were scattered throughout the beds to attract these beautiful winged insects. In New Zealand milk weed is commonly known as swan plants in reference to the swan neck-like bending of the leaves. On this delightful morning Monarch caterpillars with their eye catching markings in black, yellow and white proved the students’ intention successful.

The butterflies spotted the bushes and laid their eggs for breeding. Now larvae competed hungrily in munching leaves, blossoms and seed balls. Where clusters of caterpillars feasted the bushes looked bare.

Testing the possibilities of the smartphone camera I was able to capture different morphing stages.  Visits over the next fortnight allowed to capture caterpillars and the hook like meditative stage before cocooning. Fully cocooned the chrysalis changed colors over the next 14 days from a bright apple green to a very dark brownish green. An unmistakable sign, it was time for the butterfly to hatch.

This short clip shows a freshly hatched Monarch Butterfly stretching his wings.

Inspired Action by Hatching Monarch Butterfly Designs

Always on the lookout for new design ideas this stroll off the routine track unleashed ideas for original designs. For weeks  every available second new ideas were formed and took on shape. The frenzy  then reached a pinnacle in forming strategies to spread the word about the new Monarch Butterfly designs.

Surprisingly, by the time our mechanic re-opened his garage and examined the motor he could detect that could have caused the motor malfunction. Since this incident the car drives on reliably. As a strong believer in the law of attraction, I take it as such and am happy about the creative phase the incident prompted. For now five beautiful summer designs are the result and more are in development.

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Monarch Butterfly on lilac colored allium blossom