March 2016 Featured Product

Each month on the 22th we will reveal a featured product. Only available through this page. The product offered has the lowest royalties possible through the platform. The royalties are 5% in comparison to the 12% KBM D3signs requests normally.

In March a fun design in spring green placed on a trendy tank top holds this privileged position.

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
Inspired by: Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis


During the time from the 22 of March 2016 to the 21 of April KBM D3signs invites fellow Polyvore users to exchange ideas.

How does it work?

  1. One item per set from the selection below. Alternatively explore the "Home Collection" or the "On the Go Collection" .
  2. Write a brief comment on design idea.
  3. Notify us by personal message.
  4. 28 sets we particularly like will be included on, one per day for 28 days.
  5. All will become part of the Polyvore Collection.
  6. All will be added to the Pinterest board Synergize - Monarch Butterfly Series.

Monarch Butterfly

monarch butterfly caterpillar canvas print

monarch caterpillar pillow

Striped Mug - Monarch Caterpillar

swan plant bath mat

swan plant shower curtain

monarch butterfly tank top

monarch butterfly high tops

monarch caterpillar stripes mobile cover

monarch caterpillar stripes nails

monarch chrysalis can cooler


Make-Up Mirror - Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis

Styling Ideas by Fans