The task of decorating a room or putting together an outfit has many similarities to creating an artwork. Influenced by style, mood and season it takes time and effort to source the right accessories that work together. When we found finally the right design and colour we might find out the correct size is unattainable an a comromise or ongoing search become essential.

Working together with a print on demand platform that offers more than 240 fashion and home accessories brings a new dimension to this creative process. Find a product you love, decide on colour and pattern, contact KBM D3signs and find out how we can help you.

Home Decorations By Fall For It

Fall For It! Shows a growing collection of home accessories. Many of the designs are templates that allow customization. Insert your initials into the monogrammed designs, or change the background colour to fit to your personal colour scheme.

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icon pendant lamp breakfast tray Cloth Napkin icon table runner

Shoulder Bags, Purses and Fashion Accessories

The store ‘Shoulderbags’ features bags and bag accessories in a growing design and colour collection. Here too, many designs allow customization.

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New Zealand Inspired Gifts

KiaOra New Zealand is a store that exhibits design and photographs on a wide range of products that make great travel gifts.

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Printed Fabrics For DIY Craft Projects

The Craft DIY store offers its designs for six different fabrics including linen, cotton and polyester. Each has different qualities to suit home decoration or craft projects.



KBM D3signs can help to adjust colours, publish a design on a product not yet published with it, but as well with new designs and on request one off designs. Requested designs are published to the perspective store and are publicly available. Upon finalizing the design, a link sent to your e-mail box. For one off designs that are available through a not publicly accessible a small fee might occur.