Trend Setter Monarch Caterpillar

Trend Setter Monarch Caterpillar
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Trend setter in this spring mood conveying conservatory ambience is the caterpillar of a Monarch Butterfly.

Black, white and yellow, the signature colors of the caterpillar decorates the throw pillows and tableware that accessorize the rattan furnishings. The pillows are exemplary to our goal that a base design can be personalized by replacing one color. In this example the yellow sections can be replaced by any color.

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Monarch Caterpillar

A Monarch Caterpillar Draws Attention

A Monarch caterpillar draws attention. In black, white and yellow stripes the larvae becomes regularly focal point to passers-by and predators. For the latter though this insect is bitter to the taste thanks to its food preferences. In this instance a bedroom was styled around a caterpillar print. The large body pillow crowning the top of a four poster bed shows an unparalleled three colored stripes design. The design leaves it to the shopper to customize the yellow color into one of their preference. Explore KBMD3signs Monarch Butterfly and caterpillar collection.

bedroom decor in homage to a Monarch caterpillar
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