Spring Formal Accessories

Spring Formal Accessories
Spring Formal Accessories by fallforit

Synergize Day Six of Twenty Eight Days

Day six shows an outfit to attend a formal spring event. The flowing orange dress and black heels are accessorized with nail coatings and a make-up mirror that show a print by KBM D3signs. The abstract Monarch Butterfly Series allows customization of the orange sections in the pattern. It is possible to replace the orange with any color of your choice.


Day 5 – Monarch Butterfly Design

Fifth Set: City Living

Bright orange and purple generously surrounded by white spaces set the contrast against dense city living. A vivid décor that partners with the Monarch Butterfly photo-print and the pair of butterfly design throw pillows. In this styling idea we took advantage to replace the background color in the customizable pillows to match the tone of the modern area rug.

More about KBMD3signs' Monarch Butterfly Designs.

City Living
City Living fallforit on Polyvore.com

Orange and Blue, Squares and Circles

Decorating ideas using objects showing an orange and blue tiles pattern with geometric shapes of squares and circles.

blue and orange, squares and circles
Blue and Orange, Squares and Circles Design by fallforit on Polyvore.com

Styling Ideas and Color Combinations

Within this post explore styling with different pattern sizes and a range of colorcombinations. Mood boards shown, grew out of the design, a specific piece of furniture as centerpiece or a beautiful artprint. Like the above 'Dreamy Blues' by New Zealand artist Mike Glover

Design Specifics:

3 Templates alow to personalize the background and the pattern size on each product within the collection:

  1. Blue + ...
  2. Orange + ...
  3. White + ...

Tiled Squares and Circles Collection >>

Orange and Brown

Orange and Brown, Squares and Circles Design
Orange and Brown, Squares and Circles Design by fallforit on Polyvore.com

Earth tones orange and brown give this space a grounding energy. The golden cofetable cubes transmit a warming elegance. A quirky vivid factor is added with the 'Sunlit Poppies' by Richard Ponder.

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Blue and Brown

Blue and Brown, Squares and Circles
Blue and Brown, Squares and Circles Design by fallforit on Polyvore.com

Pablo Picasso's 'Blue Nude' with its earthen tones and the hint of blue inspired this living space decoration. An off-white wide sleeper sofa  is complemented with a darker rug in a striped color melange in brown, off-white and antrazit . Accent pillows show a blue and brown graphic patter in squares and circles.

Squares and Circles Design Collection >>

Light Blue and Dark Blue

light blue and dark blue, squares and circles
Boysenberry Red and Blue by fallforit on Polyvore.com

Center piece of this living room is a burgundy colored armchair that corresponds beautifully with the blueish abstract rug. The throw pillow and pouf in blue squares and circles pattern pick up the blue color. The filigran wire table ads an aspect of transparence. While the floral backdrop of Manuka blossows surrounded by their bueish-green leaves connects present colors.

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Black and White, Squares and Circles Design

Black and White, Squares and Circles
Black and White, Squares and Circles Design by fallforit on Polyvore.com

Black and white are the timeless colors for this bedroom idea board with a hint of orange. The head bord is topped with a black and white artprint 'Aroha Ferns' by artist Glen Jones.

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Spring Design

Spring Brunch II
Spring Brunch by fallforit

Spring Brunch

Organizing a spring brunch on a beautiful sun drenched Sunday morning is fabulous. A colour and design matching table is the icing on the cake. The set features a stylish coral colored tiled triangle design. The beauty the design has room for personalisation. The monochrome design can be changed into a two colored design by selecting the background color of choice. For recipe ideas please visit www.EasyHealtyRecipesForKids.com

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