Grid Design

Grid Design

A graphic design showing an ascending grid design embellishes the shoulderbags with matching accessories.

Three template variations in the colors black, blue and white form the base to the set in the 'Shoulderbag' store. Published products include large and medium shoulderbags and small courier bags with matching accessories including laptop sleeves, phone cases, purses and keychains amongst others.

Shoulder Bag With Grid Design

large shoulder bag, grid design
Shoulder Bag With Grid Design on by fallforit

Two of the design templates show the outline of the grid pattern. They are prepared in the colors black and cobalt blue. By selecting a background color the tile color is matched to requirements. The third template shows an inversed pattern of white tiles. This means selecting a background color allows to match any color lining the grid to complement the neutral white squares.

Skimming down, stylish fashion sets place the design into smart wearable outfits for occasions like going to work, on a sightseeing tour or even on a date.

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Summer Green

Office Outfit in White and Summer Green
Summer Green on by fallforit

The color combo is green and white for this stylish office outfit featuring a shoulder bag, a MacBook Pro sleeve and a monogrammed make up mirror.

The messenger bag is part of a design series that includes a wide selection of fashion and beauty accessories. The beauty of this graphic design is that the green accent color is easy to replace by following the "Customize It!" button. Like this the neutral white tiles can be paired with any color to color match or set an accent.

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Summer Lovin'

shoulderbag in cobalt blue and orange
Summer Lovin' on by fallforit

Blue and light orange define the color combo of this hot summer style featuring a messengerbag in corresponding colors with a graphic grid design. The bag is part of a design series including useful bag accessories such as purses, mobile cases or wallet cases. For young professionals the series stretches to business cards and holder or even style matching  binders.

The beauty of this template design is that the orange color accent is exchangeable. Select a background color and the design matches your color palette.

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Date Night

stylish date night outfit in cobalt blue and burgundy red
Date Night on by fallforit

Cobalt blue and burgundy red is the exciting color combo of this date outfit featuring a small shoulderbag reflecting the color combo in its grid design. Make it yours by chosing a background color to replace the burgundy red.

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Get Graphic
Get Graphic Styling Idea
Get Graphic on by fallforit

The small courier bag and the iPhone wallet case feature an orange background color and as such filling the ascending square spaces of the black grid.  Use the design as a template and substitute the orange color to set your own accent.

There is a range of bag accessories already publish with this design. Yet on request we will place the design on any item that caught your eyes in the product pool of zazzle.