Neutral Home Decor In Blue, Brown, Red, And Green Has Potential

Neutral home decor with blue, brown, red, and green accents explores various pattern designs to return a multifaceted styling potential. Come and join the journey.

Each pattern design complements a specific style. The styles included in the exploration are modern, eclectic, coastal, and country styles. All introduced pattern designs are color-matching. And are therefore well suited to mix and match the various pillow pattern designs between the mood boards.

Blue and gray neutral home decor mix and match and color customize
Blue and Brown Home Decor

Led by a throw pillow, each design comes with a selection of home decor accessories readily available. Yet on request, we publish a design of your choice on any product available on Zazzle.

We thrive on feedback. At the end of the post, you find an opportunity for that.

Throw Pillows in Neutral Colors White, Brown, and Blue

Find amongst the geometric design series polka dots in three hues, triangles repeat pattern, ascending stripes, a striped tiles design, and a grid pattern. All but the polka dots design allow personalizing the background color to match the existing accent color.

Also, Some of the mood boards arrange their decor around an art print. Click for more ideas about Art Meets Pillows.

Polka Dots Design As Color Neutral Home Decor

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Life Coach Business Card With A Photo And Marketing Items In Red And Grey

Choose a Life Coach business card with a photo that all in all works best for the information your target customer seeks. For the most part, business cards share contact details. Then use them to share what the service is about. Also where to find out more, or even get a taste of the service provided are important information to convey.

Altogether, KBM D3signs prepared landscape, portrait, folded, and a magnetic biz card. Each card template allows you to add a profile photo, ideally a black and white cover photo, and text easily to the template with further customization possible.

Life Coach Business Card With Photo
Why use a business card with a photo? 5 Reasons

1. A photo assists in visually recollecting to whom the business card connects. 
2. Many small businesses build their brand around a single person.
3. Being recognized gives a competitive edge in some fields.
4. Professional profile photos support an excellent first impression.
5. It allows sharing about you or your business by choosing a custom background.

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City Art Print – Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge – Art Meets Pillows

Under the series – Art Meets Pillows – the city art print Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge complements two pillows. One pillow in pink and the second in grey. In both cases, a triangle pattern decorates the throw pillows.

Geometric small triangle clusters to form larger triangles and squares with negative spaces in between that show the mirroring shapes. Altogether, the emerging intrinsic ethnic pattern beautifully resonates with the painting, its colors, and prevalent forms.

Art Meets Pillows – Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge – Pillows with Triangle Pattern

What is noteworthy about – Summertime Wellington – city art print?

Summertime Wellington is one of the New Zealand artists’ most sold works.

It gives a blue skyed summer day view towards the city’s residential area where white weatherboard houses with red and green metal roofing cling closely to the surrounding hills. The dense residential city living is characteristic of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand.

Remarkable details about the artist, Marianne Muggeridge

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