City Art Print – Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge – Art Meets Pillows

Under the series – Art Meets Pillows – the city art print Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge complements two pillows. One pillow in pink and the second in grey. In both cases, a triangle pattern decorates the throw pillows.

Geometric small triangle clusters to form larger triangles and squares with negative spaces in between that show the mirroring shapes. Altogether, the emerging intrinsic ethnic pattern beautifully resonates with the painting, its colors, and prevalent forms.

Art Meets Pillows – Summertime Wellington by Marianne Muggeridge – Pillows with Triangle Pattern

What is noteworthy about – Summertime Wellington – city art print?

Summertime Wellington is one of the New Zealand artists’ most sold works.

It gives a blue skyed summer day view towards the city’s residential area where white weatherboard houses with red and green metal roofing cling closely to the surrounding hills. The dense residential city living is characteristic of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand.

Remarkable details about the artist, Marianne Muggeridge

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Taranaki Cliffs Art-print by Diana Adams – Art Meet Pillow

Taranaki Cliffs canvas print by Diana Adams has the spot-light in the series Art Meets Pillows.

On walks, the painter finds her artistic inspiration. Once an inspiration takes roots, she then beautifully reduces her subject to its essence with clear lines like in the Taranaki Cliffs remain. With a three-dimensional feel to the painting, the observer feels pulled into a landscape with brilliant colors.

An overcast sky that opens-up and letting a hint of the sun through and envelopes the eroding ilands off the Taranaki Cliffs. Dark turquoise tinted surf is breaking white-crowned in steady ripples on the shore. In the meantime, the turquoise sea contrasts the greyish black sand beach and the volcanic-layered cliffs.

The top of the cliffs appears capped with the dark green of coastal shrubs. It is a captivating canvas print of one of New Zealand’s contemporary artists.

Art Meets Pillows - Taranaki Cliffs by Diana Adams paired up with a green and grey pillows showing the wavy stripes pattern
Taranaki Cliffs by Diana, Art Meets Pillows, Wavy Stripes In Grey & Green

Art Meets Pillows, Wavy Stripes Pattern Design

Art Meet Pillows relates to the waves and stripes that are defining in the artwork. Wavy-stripes is a monochrome repeat pattern on the grey and green throw pillows. 

The pattern reminds, in its horizontal direction, of layered stone, which intensifies through varying shades. Meanwhile, a diagonal direction on a green pillow reminds one of rolling waves.

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Team-up Grey Throw Pillows With A Vibrant Colored One

Teaming-up grey throw pillows with one in a vibrant color set the foundation for this article. The pattern design used to explore color combinations is the spiral box pattern. It is placed either in its whole form as part of a seamless repeat pattern or becomes an angular pattern by zooming in on a particular part of the design. In any case, it returns exciting and diverse surface pattern designs.

Shown examples focus on four different placement outcomes, and each appears in ten colors. The colors include grey, pink, blue, yellow, turquoise, green, brown, red, purple, and orange. Each of the pattern placements comes in black, white, and shades of each. Pattern, in shades of black or white, will result in monochrome surface pattern prints. There the pattern design appears in the pillow color, either subdued by shades of black or lightened by shades of white.

Undoubtedly the best pillow feature is, it gives room to color it your way.


Personalize the fill color. With this, you choose a pattern design and match it to an existing living room color scheme.

Grey throw pillows with a geometric angular pattern
Grey and Black Pillow

The nested spiraling box pattern in four placement variations. The first on shows as a simple repeat pattern. The second mirrors the pattern, while the third and forth details a quarter of the first and second example.

Grey and white pillow on pink couch
Grey and White Pillows

The throw pillow in grey with a white pattern decorates a pink couch.

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