Orange Wall Decor, What Digital Seascape Print to Choose?

The orange wall decor consists of a digital art print that shows a triptych of a sunset seascape. Yesterday it received the star for a Zazzle Editor’s pick. That is fantastic recognition for the Modern Orange Digital Art Beach Seascape Canvas Print.

The post today is, in general, about giving our gratitude for receiving this acknowledgment. To clarify and take advantage of the occasion to introduce home decor ideas where the wall decor meets various pillow patterns, creating eight unique spaces.

Editor's Pick at - Orange sunset seascape wall decor

Altogether, the sunset beach digital art print is available as poster or canvas prints in diverse formats. In view of this, there are single prints in landscape and square and multi-panel art prints from 2, 3, or 4 panels.

In eight inspiring mood boards, then KBM D3signs presents color combinations to pair up with the orange wall hanging. Additionally, each idea pairs with a different patterned orange pillow. To learn more about colors and their effects check out the page about color theory.

Eight Decor Colors To Complement The Orange Wall Decor

  1. Purple and orange decoration
  2. Red and orange home decor
  3. Green and orange living room decor
  4. Blue and orange decoration
  5. Yellow and orange home decoration
  6. Turquoise and orange living room
  7. Pink and orange living room decor
  8. Grey and orange living room decoration

Digital Art Prints In Varying Formats Meet Orange Throw Pillows

Decor Colors To Complement With An Orange Wall Decor

  1. Here the purple and orange living room decor shows the seascape canvas print as a triptych with orange pillows having a Love typography pattern.
  2. A warm earthy red and orange decor promotes a flat landscape canvas print and pillows with a wave pattern.
  3. The spring color combination in green and orange exhibits a canvas print as a quad or set of four art prints. Orange throw pillows with an artistic  monarch butterfly pattern complement the home decor.
  4. Blue and orange are complementary colors that make a balanced living room decor. As an illustration an orange throw pillow with an elegant diagonal wavy pattern complements the landscape-formatted poster print.
  5. Joyful and energizing is the color combination of yellow and orange for a social living room. An orange floral rose patterned pillow accessorizes the square beach poster print.  
  6. Fresh is an excellent attribute for turquoise and orange living room decor. Pillows with an angular pattern decorate the seating furniture under the set of four art prints.
  7. Twin panels with the sunset beach decorate the extravagant pink and orange living room decoration here. Meanwhile, minimalist circle patterned pillows in white and orange accent the dark pink couch.
  8. A sophisticated living room mood board uses a grey and orange decor. Here shell patterned pastel orange pillows complement the coastal theme with the twin-paneled canvas print.  

Moreover, KBM D3signs lives on your feedback. With this intention, feel free to send your home decor photos with the wall decor or the orange throw pillows.

Color It Your Way!

Following KBM D3signs promise, the digital sea art and throw pillows are color customizable. For color ideas check out the color palette ideas. And get detailed help, in the step-by-step guide

Do you have additional questions? Then contact KBM D3signs via the form. We are also happy to transfer the design on request onto products available on Zazzle or to prepare a custom design altogether. Alternatively, visit KBMD3signs on Telegram at and leave a comment or connect with us @KBMD3sings.

Seascape That Sparked The Orange Wall Decor

Karekare Beach, Seascape Poster

Lastly, the digital art print found its spark in a poster photo print showing an overcast day. The mood board, altogether, favors the sophisticated hues combination of blue and brown. And accessorizes equally a dark brown sofa with blue pillows with a nested box pattern.

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