Yellow Throw Pillows With Leaf Pattern, Modern Autumn Accents

Here we explore yellow throw pillows for a couch during the golden autumn season.

The repeat pattern decorating the accent pillows show a leaf pattern design. In the following images KBM D3signs explores varying pattern sizes in monochrome coloration.

Yellow is a wonderful hue to combine well with a range of other colors. Examples show pillows in pure yellow playfully lightened by white or darkened by black. Yellow pillow mixes include yellow and red, yellow and grey, yellow and blue, yellow and green, yellow and turquoise to finally introduce a pillow print in yellow and black. Presented modern decors give testimony of the possibilities yellow throw pillows hold with the autumn season in mind.

You will also find out how to adjust the pillow coloration to match your needs should the color palette not work for conditions in question.

Yellow Throw Pillows, A Reminder To The Color Delight Of Autumn Leaves

Leaf Pattern Design on Yellow Throw Pillows
Monochrome Yellow Throw Pillows With Regular Leaf Pattern

Golden autumn leaves inspire the use of the yellow leaves patterned accent pillows on a light sofa with its modern metal framed glass coffee table.

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An Abstract Illustration of Fern Leaves Design

The abstract illustration of unfurling fern leaves design is an exiting template that allows to exchange the background color. Thus the design takes on six shades of the selected background color and emerges as a monochrome pattern.

Unfurling Fern Leaves in Grey Shades

In the stylized design the large round shape with the small dots following the outer line result in a modern and stylish leaf pattern. The clustered shapes remind on fern fronds raising out of the center to unfurl. Subsequently, this is also the name of the design,
Fern Frond‘ . Continue reading “An Abstract Illustration of Fern Leaves Design”

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Porcelain Mugs Review

The triplet of porcelain mugs show fern leaf design. This review includes the quality of material, print and the flexibility of the design.

Elegant Porcelain Mugs With Fern Leaves Design

I love the material and shape just beautiful and elegant with a great feel to drink from. Porcelain allows a thinner material in comparison to their ceramic counterparts. The print quality on these elegant mugs is fantastic.

Meanwhile the template design used to return the monochrome shades of any chosen color delivered exceptional results. Meaning the template allows to create unique colors and match them yet preserving the original leaves design.

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