Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas Related To Water Activities

The bathroom wall decor ideas complement bathroom accessories in ten color variations showing a polka dot pattern. All ten poster designs have themes related to water activities at the beach, sea, or in the bathtub, in addition to the decor color that makes the wall decoration pop.

Bathtub Duck Wall Decor For Yellow Polka Dot Bathroom Decor
Yellow Bathtub Duck

Ten Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

  • Yellow Bathtub Duck
  • Turquoise Sunglasses At The Beach
  • Two Beach Chairs In Grey
  • Whale Fin At Sunset
  • Imagine & Manifest! Message In A Bottle
  • Blue Sailing Boat In The Ocean
  • Purple Bathtub Sailing Boat
  • Red Flip-Flops At The Beach
  • Jandals At The Beach
  • Vacation Photo Collage
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Art-Themed Birthday Party For Kids

The art-themed Birthday party invitation for kids and its accessories in red color show an artistic abstract paint splash to support the kid’s party theme. 

All theme-matching party supplies are part of a collection containing birthday invitations and party decorations, paper party table supplies, and art party favors.

Art Party Invitation

Art Birthday Party accessories for kids in red
Art Birthday Party Invitation

Red artistic paint splashes make a fun promising party theme with the intent of getting colorful and creative.

There the party invitation design stands out with shaded splashes. One dominant splash houses all party details, such as who, when, and where.

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Art Birthday Party For Kids

The Art Birthday party invitation for kids and its accessories in blue color show an artful paint splatter to support the theme. 

All party supplies are part of a theme-matching collection covering birthday invitations and decor, paper table accessories, and art party favors.

Art Themed Birthday Party

Art Birthday Party accessories for kids in blue
Art Birthday Party

Blue artful paint splatters make an inspiring party theme with the promise of getting creative.

There the invitation design incorporates shaded splatters. One dominant splatter bubble hosts then all party invitation details.

Art Themed Birthday Party Decorations

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Black And White Bathroom Decor Ideas

Black and white bathroom decor ideas show geometric patterns, typography, chevron, zig-zag, or abstracts of nature inspirations.

All the pattern designs work as templates that allow you to replace text, add text, and edit the fill color. In short, the patterns used for the bathroom decor ideas work as overlays in white or black.

Bathroom Theme Ideas in Black and White

Bathroom theme with polka dot pattern and initials in black and white
Polka Dot
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Happy New Year 2023!

The KBM D3signs team wishes you a – Happy New Year 2023. Our team wishes you health, wealth, and happiness to make it the most colorful year of many to follow.

Happy New Year 2023

Most of all, thank you to all who engaged, commented, liked, and reviewed on, Pinterest, and our Zazzle stores. KBM D3signs loves feedback, your perspectives fuel ideas and help to improve designs and ripple into development and growth. Your inquiries spark new design ideas for home decor, marketing materials, kids’ birthday invitations, and more. Your request for a custom design shows your trust and is the biggest compliment to give. Thank you, we are grateful to reach an exciting clientele.

We Live In A Beautiful World

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Custom Small Business Thank You Cards & More

Custom small business thank you cards are essential in the marketing toolbox of an entrepreneur.

Overall thanking a client for their custom is part of the customer service experience fosters customer retention, and may entice positive testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.

Nine Ideas Why To Say Thank You

Black and white card that says thank you from a photographer to the client
Photographer Thank You Card
  • Photographers – Use the thank you cards to call out an open studio day.
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Nine Set Of 2 Wall Decor Meets A Set Of 2 Pillows

Nine times a set of 2 wall decor meets a set of 2 pillows. The wall decorations are for the living room and dining area. And cover abstract and stylized nature or kitchen-inspired motifs.

Topics Of The Nine Set Of Two Wall Decor

  1. A pair of black and white cats at sunset and full moon in sunset orange and purple-blue
  2. Playfully jumping dolphins in blue and turquoise-green
  3. Blue artistic splatter art
  4. Pink abstract splatter
  5. Stylized unfurling fern frond in blue and green
  6. Fruit smoothie in complementary colors, green and red
  7. Hen and chick pairs with a hatchling in green and sandy-orange
  8. Red cherries and yellow bananas
  9. A yellow and a blue rooster

A Pair Of Black And White Cats At Sunset And Fullmoon

Set of 2 cat wall decor in orange and purple with 2 rowed circle patterned throw pillows

The stylized pair of black and white cats are the motifs of the first set of two wall decor. In glowing orange, it seems a companionable sunset experience. Meanwhile, the complementary color purple-blue results in the full moon scenario. A purple and orange pillow with a circle pattern complements the decor.

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Square Wall Decor & Set Of Two Pillows

Nine times square wall decor paired with various sets of two pillows is the focus here. Themes are multiple and share the square poster format.

Topics Of The Square Art Prints

  • First, an Auckland west coast beach masks the Love typography expressed in a pattern.
  • Then there are three aerial beach views of Auckland beaches.

The following five wall decorations are of digital art and modified nature.

  • A digitally artistically modified photo of a crevasse in the glowing afternoon sun connecting beach and sea.
  • Then there is a view from a cave overviewing the beach in the glistening sun.
  • In green, an abstract paint splatter work in green pairs with a quote.
  • A pumpkin placed against the low-hanging sun lying on its patch brings out golden orange hues.
  • Last, an isometric room serves as a frame for a family collage for five.

Love Typography

Love Karekare Beach square wall decor meets nested box pattern throw pillows in brown and blue

The beach image masking a Love typography pattern pairs the decor idea with a set of two throw pillows that show a nested square pattern design in brown and blue.

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Happy Holiday Season & Custom Christmas Gift Ideas

The KBM D3signs team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season filled with the joy of creating custom Christmas gift ideas. Dive into the magic for the upcoming festive days by selecting images holding dear memories to personalize gifts. Altenatively, choose a meaningful text or select a favorite color.

The gift ideas are templates that allow replacing sample images and text. And result in a personalized gift made for a dear person in your life. Even editing the general color is often possible.

The short clip gives in the first place a summary of new creations in 2022. All that made it into the clip are part of a collection. So it might be worthwhile to visit the KBM D3signs Zazzle stores for further exploration.

Home Decor Merry Christmas Gift

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