Decorate With Coastal Art Prints by Lincoln Seligman

Serene coastal art prints by Lincoln Seligman become the center of the following living room decor ideas. 

Selected artworks captivate at first sight and make exceptional modern wall decor, so it became our goal to complement each beach-themed wall hanging with a pillow design by KBM D3signs. Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think about the outcome.

Eight Coastal Art Prints By Lincoln Seligman Meet Pillows By KBM D3signs
8 patterns complement 8 coastal art prints by Lincoln Seligman

In response to the dominant color range in the paintings, the selected pillow colorations showcase the colors of the coast. The tint of blue, sea-green, purple, grey, and turquoise, while yellow and pink appear in moderation.

Who is Lincoln Seligman?

Born in 1950, the British artist Lincoln Seligman is a sculptor and painter. 

Meanwhile, he is likely best known for his large-scale sculptures and installations. Worldwide modern landmark buildings display them in their atriums.

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Pair Summer Colored, Turquoise And Orange Pillows With Art By Chris Rice

Turquoise and orange pillows are a great and inspiring summer combination. Given this, KBM D3signs presents six living room decoration ideas using vivid colored wall decor by Chris Rice to pair up with throw pillows in turquoise and orange.

6 different patterns on turquoise and orange pillows and 6 art prints by Chris Rice

Why choose turquoise and orange pillows in your summer living room decor?

Orange finds its place as a secondary color between red and orange. For this reason, the color has characteristics of each of the colors, such as joy, communication, and spreading loving energy. Pairing orange with its complementary color turquoise supports the summer vibe. The energetic expression of turquoise relates to communication and creativity.

Both colors show desirable attributes for a family living room to inspire a vivid, communicative and creative space filled with love and laughter.

Who is Chris Rice?

Musician. Painter. Author.

“Mine is a life inspired by the beauty and color of nature, the contemplation of God, and the humor tucked into small everyday moments. Driven to communicate all of this through creative means, I am overwhelmed by the privilege, and happy to find my work reaching so many people in meaningful ways.”

— Chris Rice

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Yellow Home Decor Focusing on Pillows Augmented By African Art Prints By Tilly Willis

In the post about yellow home decor, KBM D3signs focuses on decorating living room spaces with yellow throw pillows augmented with African art prints by Tilly Willis. 

Pillow hues and patterns aim to meet color, shading, and ductus prevalent in the art print.

Yellow Throw Pillows and African Art Prints by Tilly Willis
9 different patterns on yellow pillows and 9 African art prints by Tilly Willis

Why choose yellow home decor?

First thought associations upon hearing the word yellow are warmth, sun, summer, and a happy emoji smiley face. Despite vivid emotional reactions to the hue yellow ranks in the Yougov survey on the lower end of the favorite colors.

Nonetheless, yellow as the brightest color of the visible spectrum can stimulate a friendly, energetic, communicative, and joyous environment. That makes it a great color to accent with for any living room.

Who is Tilly Willis?

Born and raised in Somerset in the South-West of England, Tilly Willis still resides there. Her family of artists nurtured in her an interest in art. Like this, it came naturally to study at the Somerset College of Art to set the foundation. After completion, she went on to study Fine Art at The Byam Shaw in London. 

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