The living room decoration shows photography prints and decorative throw pillows

August 16,  2021

Green And Blue Decor

The photo prints include a bamboo detail, a hummingbird with red hibiscus, a dandelion, an Mc Allen, a succulent, the White River, Glacier National Park, and a dragonfly.

Nature photography makes the wall decor for the blue and green home decor.

Blue and Green Decorative Pillows

The green and blue decor consist of various patterned pillows by KBM D3signs and complement nature photographs by several photographers.

Peacock Photo Print

Pixel Patterned  Blue And Green Pillows

Dandelion Photo Print

Circle Pattern Blue And Green Pillows

White River Photo Print

Spiral Box Pattern Blue & Green Throw Pillows

Hummingbird Photo Print

Ripple Pattern Green And Blue Decor

Succulent Photo Print

Nested Circles Pattern Green And Blue Pillow Decor 

MC Allen Photo Print

Fragmented Circle Pattern Green And Blue Pillow Decor

Bamboo Wall Decor

Angular Patterned Pillows Green & Blue Home Decor

Dragonfly Photo Print

Curl Pattern Home Decor In Blue And Green

Glacier National Park Print

Jagged Surface Pattern In Lime Green & Blue

Green and blue decor bring the effects of both colors into the living room.  Green is associated with revitalization and relaxation. Meanwhile blue is associated with emotions of calm and tranquility.

Green & Blue Decor

Blue & Green Pillows &  Photography Prints

You Love A Pillow And The Color Is Off?

Customize it and color it your way! How? Replace the fill color. Hues in medium saturation work well with the patterns in shades of white or shades of black. 10 existing colors and color-coordinated products are available in the Zazzle store FallForIt.