Green Business Cards: The Power of the Color Green in Branding

Green business cards have become a popular choice in the world of branding. It’s no surprise that green is a prevalent color choice, as it is one of the most soothing and refreshing colors to the human eye. Green as a symbol has been associated with growth, nature, and renewal. Therefore, it’s no wonder that green is a popular color choice for eco-friendly and sustainable businesses.

yoga business card in green with QR code

The Meaning of Green

The meaning of green goes beyond just nature and sustainability. Psychologically, green is associated with balance, harmony, and stability. It’s a calming color that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Green is also believed to stimulate creativity and foster a sense of renewal, which makes it a popular color choice for businesses that prioritize innovation and growth.

Stand Out With A Green Branding Color

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Cleaning Service Business Cards, 9 Unique Designs In 9 Colors

Find under cleaning service business cards nine fresh unique designs in nine colors. These include the colors purple, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, grey and black and white.

1. Purple Business Card

Here the purple business card for a professional cleaning service shows the – Torn design.

  • Format: Portrait
  • Features: Icons for points of contact, service-descriptive photo, QR code, list of service strengths
purple professional life changing cleaning service business card design - Torn - with descriptive photo
Purple Business Card

Personalize the business card template:

  • Front
    Text: Photo, professional service, slogan, focus
  • Back
    Details: Name, professional title, phone, website, email, Facebook handle
    Icons: Phone, www, email, FB

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Red Business Cards For Diverse Professions

Red business cards for nine diverse service businesses with designs by KBM D3signs give you a professional first impression, yet using a business card template.

Each business card in red has a profession-related symbol, a QR code, contact, and social details. Further, all call cards come in the standard business card size of 3.5″ x 2.0″.

1. Professional Home Cleaning Service

This professional home cleaning business card comes in maroon-red and white.

Format: Landscape
Social networking icons: Facebook
Symbol: Stylized broom silhouette

Cleaning Service Business Card in red with symbol and QR code
Cleaning Service Business Card

Update the placeholders:


Text template:  Replace name, service, phone, email, web address, and Facebook handle.

Service details: Describe your services in 5 key points
QR code: Enter a call to action link and text invitation

Find an alternative stylish cleaning service business card in blue and white, with the design – Spotless burst – by following the link to the blue cleaner marketing suit. It helps a cleaner business start and prepares for the coming year. The collection holds business cards and matching offline marketing items and covers rack cards, car magnets, and other office items and merchandise. It also includes accessories to Thank for business or wish a Merry Christmas.

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Custom Small Business Thank You Cards & More

Custom small business thank you cards are essential in the marketing toolbox of an entrepreneur.

Overall thanking a client for their custom is part of the customer service experience fosters customer retention, and may entice positive testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals.

Nine Ideas Why To Say Thank You

Black and white card that says thank you from a photographer to the client
Photographer Thank You Card
  • Photographers – Use the thank you cards to call out an open studio day.
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Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper, Christmas Cards & Supplies

The custom Christmas wrapping paper by KBMD3signs is Zazzle Made and affords endless customization possibilities. And if you decide on a wrapping paper design that works best, you can expand your creative input into style-matching Christmas supplies and even complete a small business branding package. Like this, your small business is easily recognizable with your branding color and logo throughout the year.

Here seven Christmas designs became part of nine branding packages filled with marketing materials for small businesses with eight example professions in mind. Each design style is part of a set of Christmas gift wrapping supplies. And each includes Christmas cards, tags, ribbons, gift bags and boxes and gift wrapping paper.

How To Customize A Christmas Gift Wrap

There are two steps for customization.

The first step is replacing template placeholders with your text or your photos. Meanwhile, the second step allows changing the background, font, and shape coloration.

custom Christmas wrapping paper, insert photographs, text or edit the coloration

Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies

In the following mood boards, eight professional marketing packages give an insight into a potential Xmas gift wrapping and supplies outcome.

Irregular Star Pattern

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Blue Cleaning Service Business Card & Marketing Items

This week, the blue cleaning service business card received the award of Editor’s Pick from the Zazzle team. It is a fantastic badge and speaks for the design. The design expressly consists of a SPOTLESS bursting speech bubble as a custom word logo in either blue on white or white on blue.

blue and white house cleaning business card with custom word logo and QR code

Further features of the professional business card are indications of services provided, a custom QR code to any web or messenger address, name, and contact details with an introductory icon.

What Additional Marketing Materials Complement The Calling Card? 

  • Business card alternatives on paper or magnetic
  • Spread the word about your service strengths
  • Schedule and refer
  • Leave a footprint in your community
  • Thank your clients
  • Season greetings

Communicate What Makes Your Business Shine

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Nine Yoga Business Cards With Photo Or Logo

Nine professional yoga business cards show various designs in different hues. Altogether the design ideas include landscape and portrait formats designed for a standard size of 3.5″ x 2.0″. Overall the placeholder purposes contained in each template vary. Some allow for a custom logo, custom profile, or show decorative mandala.

Yoga Business Card In Black And White

In the first example, a large mirrored font forming the word yoga is the identifying design of the black and white business card template.

  • Format: Portrait
  • Social networking icons: Facebook, Instagram, Email, www
Black and white yoga business card, portrait format

Fill the template to personalize:

  • Front
    Text: Profession, services, FB and Instagram handle, call to action
    Placeholder: QR code
  • Back
    Details: Name, professional title, phone, physical address, email, web address

Five Business Card Designs Featuring A Mandala

The subsequent five designs feature as a decorative part a mandala half. All five have in common that a mandala decorates the front and back for both landscape and portrait formats. These five business card designs come in red, yellow, green, purple, and grey.

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Blue Business Cards For Various Professions

Blue business cards for various professions with designs by KBM D3signs allow you the comfort of a professional first impression with a business card template.

All call cards come in the standard business card size of 3.5″ x 2.0″.

Lawyer Business Card – Half Tone

The lawyer business card in the – Half Tone – design makes a professional statement in blue and black.

Format: Landscape
Social networking icons: Email, www, LinkedIn, Twitter
Logo: Circular shape, scale

Fill and upload to the template:


Profile photo: round (original square)
QR code: www destination such as website, email, or online messenger details 
Details: Name, job title, phone, physical address, email, web address, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Photography Business Card With Service Describing Images

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Black And White Business Card Designs

Nine professional black and white business card designs for nine business card sample professions assure you a great first impression.

All call cards come in the standard size of 3.5″ x 2.0″.

Web Designer Business Card – Torn

First, the torn design here profiles a web designer calling card.

  • Format: Landscape
  • Social networking icons: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Black and white web designer business card with qr code

Fill the template to personalize:

  • Front
    Placeholder: One image (proportion 6/9) descriptive to the service
    Text: Company name, profession
  • Back
    Details: Name, phone, email, physical address, social networking handle, web address, and QR code.

Photographer Business Card – Torn

Second, a photographer’s business card rises from the above design, Torn. The format change to portrait.

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