Custom Birthday Invitations For Kids by KBM D3signs, Why Are They Special?

Custom birthday invitations for kids based on our template designs let you explore a world of personalization. And they are available exclusively on the print-on-demand platform, Zazzle. We offer a diverse collection of themed kids birthday invitations that you can customize to match your birthday theme and color scheme.

Boat Custom Birthday Party Invitation
Boat Birthday Party Invitation
What Are the Key Aspects of a Customizable Birthday Invitation?

1. Personalisation of Details
2. Design Reflects Birthday Theme and Color 
3. Include the Birthday Child’s Profile Image
4, Creative Elements That Symbolize Interest or Party Theme
5. Printing Options for Birthday Invitations from Zazzle
5. Choose a Digital or Physical Format
7. DIY or Professional

Personalize the Details of Your Custom Birthday Invitations

Custom birthday invitations are tailored to the individual’s preferences. They often include the person’s name, age, and other relevant details about the party, such as the date, time, location, and RSVP information.

Design Reflects Birthday Theme and Color

Custom invitations can feature unique designs and elements that match the overall theme of the birthday party hosted at home or at a venue. For example, if the party has a specific activity or theme such as a magic show, little artists, dance, or ladybug for the toddler group, the invitations can include the appropriate graphics, colors, and images.

Include the Birthday Child’s Photo

Some custom birthday invitation templates include a special placeholder for a personal photo of the birthday child. This is a way to create a memento of the child’s transformation over time. It makes the birthday invitation even more personal and memorable. This is common for milestone birthdays such as 1st, 16th or 50th birthdays.

Creative Elements that Symbolize Interest or Party Theme

Custom invitations often include creative elements such as illustrations or graphics that reflect the celebrant’s interests or party theme and colors. Many children’s birthday invitations in KBM D3signs’ portfolio allow for color customization of any element used within the design.

Printing Options for Birthday Invitations from Zazzle

Custom birthday invitations are printed on high-quality paper or card stock and come with a variety of corner and paper finishing options. Six corner styles range from squared, rounded, bracketed, scalloped, ticket, to tag. In addition, choose from a collection of eleven paper stocks in a variety of weights, from classic matte 120lb/324 GSM, semi-gloss 110lb/ 300 GSM to Felt Ecru, Columned, Laid, Felt White. More luxurious finishes include Kraft, Linen, Pearl Shimmer, Champagne Shimmer and Metallic Silver. This all adds up to a very personalized birthday invitation card in its material appearance.

Choose a Digital or Physical Format for Your Child’s Birthday Invitations

Custom invitations can be created as physical paper invitations that are mailed to guests, or they can be instantly downloaded as digital invitations that can be emailed or shared on social media platforms.

DIY or Professional Custom Birthday Invitations

Some people choose to design custom birthday invitations themselves using graphic design software or templates, while others choose to hire professional designers or printing services to create their invitations. At Zazzle, you can have the best of both worlds; choose a template, customize it, and buy professionally printed birthday invitations. Some templates even allow you to customize the color, like those from KBM D3signs.

In a Nutshell

Custom birthday invitations for kids are a way to set the tone for the birthday celebration with a birthday party invitation that reflects the theme.  In this all-digital age, guests will feel special receiving a personalized invitation that showcases the celebrant’s personality and style. They can also serve as a keepsake when they arrive in a printed format for guests and the birthday person to remember the special day.