Butterfly Wedding Invitation Design With Spring Blossoms

The butterfly wedding invitation draws its idea from the awakening of nature when butterflies start pollinating the spring blooms during the warming days.

It is a perfect match, of your color idea, and our blossoms and butterfly invitation design.

For all who prefer to have their invitations the color, they imagined sending out a unique wedding invitation matching their theme. KBM D3signs wanted to help. With the idea to enable the pair to choose their color in mind, we created an invitation design that holds the spirit of spring.

Twigs show a fluff of sparingly tinted blossoms heralding spring. Meanwhile, the beautiful pair of butterflies show a more intense expression of color. Their wing markings have an outline of almost black. Rich in shades, the centered butterflies add importance and drama. Showing unity the butterfly pair feeds on the spring blossom nectar in the center of the card design.

Will the Butterfly Wedding Invitation Become Bland In Just One Hue?

No! We believe despite being monochromatic, the outcome is stunning. Dramatically the chosen hue appears from shades close to white to close to black. The light shades indicate the delicacy of the blossoms while the darker shades direct attention to the butterflies, and the lightly tinted surroundings tie the design together.
However, you can judge for yourself. Feedback with your thoughts or a sample picture of your customized wedding invitation is always welcome.

How to customize the background?

On the invite page, follow the -Personalize- button followed by the -Click to customize further-, link. Here, click through to -Add a Background- and you are free to change it to your liking. The -Plus Sign- brings you to the individual color selector. Remember the Hex number #123456 then, you can adjust the color on all stationery products required evenly. If you personalize your butterfly wedding invitation on a mobile device, add a rectangular shape in your required color and position it to the back. For help, feel free to contact us.