Make Your Own Wedding Invitations!

Make your own wedding invitations, by choosing an easy-to-use design template.

In any case, plenty of reasons support the idea. To sum up, a wedding invitation reflects the couple, their relation to each other, life, and personal style.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

If choosing one of the easy-to-use wedding invitation templates by KBM D3signs, then the bride and groom to be, have a lot of possibilities to influence and manipulate their final wedding invitation outcome. In short, the result is their unique wedding invitation. Altogether the templates introduce themselves as sample wedding invitations with replaceable photos and changeable background colors as well as proposed wording and fonts. All in all, change and exchange until the result is perfect for your style and purpose.

In Essence, There Are Obvious and Hidden Creative Freedom of Invitation Templates

The Obvious Creative Freedom:

  1. Assemble a stationery set according to your needs.
  2. Select the paper type.
  3. Enter name, dates, and ceremony locations into the placeholders.
  4. Replace the sample image with one that fits your wedding theme.

The Hidden Creative Freedom:

  • Transform formal invitation words into words of your own.
  • Manipulate fonts from bold to regular and from handwriting to serif or sans serif.
  • Adjust the font size.
  • Choose a font and background color to match or complement your wedding colors.

Congratulations in other words you made your own creative wedding invitation!

Personalizable Wedding Invitations

As a result of visiting the Plan to Wed store at Zazzle, you will find the above designs.

These are in effect available in their light and dark hue, already published on a variety of stationery items. Included is stationery such as cards, magnet cards, folded cards, envelopes, envelope liners, and many more. That makes it in fact easy for the couple to assemble a wedding stationery set. 

All designs follow the design template idea that allows the replacement of sample photos and text. As a result, you make your own wedding invitation with your engagement photo and wedding celebration details. 

By all means, guides for personalizing the invitation are the season you plan your event, the wedding colors, or the ceremony location.

Drop by every now and then for an update on new invitation designs.