Our Design Services:

The design services include the creation of surface pattern designs and template pattern ideas using PODs.

PODs, in other words, print on demand services allow publishing designs onto a wide range of products. Printed to order lets customers directly influence color, pattern direction, pattern size as well as a personalized monogram which even encompasses font and font-size.

What to expect when engaging KBM D3signs?

  • Selecting from existing products in one of our stores or collections
  • Help with customization
  • An existing design to be fitted and published on to a product of your choice, if not yet available
  • Custom designs according to your ideas
  • We also welcome inquiries from companies taking part in the POD’s wholesale program

Programs we work with…

Where To Find The Fruits Of Our Design Services?

KBM D3signs uses Zazzle, Artsadd, Artofwhere. Following the links will lead you directly to our storefronts. An affiliation with several suppliers gives an advantage in a wider selection of products, as well as a range of product qualities.

The gallery gives a sample of the areas KBM D3signs publishes their pattern design ideas to. Following the links will display the product collections already available.

Table Decor

Customers choose the product, and we fit where possible the selected design even in between the different services.

Should you encounter challenges in using the existing customization tools, here is our link to the video tutorial series that answers many questions. In case the videos fail to answer your question, we happily assist.

Should you choose a product where the design does not fit, we will do our best to modify it to fit.

For companies choosing the wholesale program services and in search of unique designs, we are happy to discuss options.

Please take advantage and click through to the contact form to inquire about our design services.

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