KBM D3signs and the world of color and pattern

KBM D3signs enjoys working in the world of color and pattern. The surface designs are aimed to be dynamic, bold and personal to help customers expressing their personal home decor style.

Partnering with print on demand platforms like Zazzle, Artsadd, Artofwhere and PAOM opened a world of possibilities. With their partnership we can do what we love most:

Experimenting with shapes
Creating template pattern
Imitating textures
Playfully combining colors
Sharing styling ideas

Inspiration for designs and compositions come out of every day life while sauntering the city, hiking in bush and rain forest of the Waitakere Ranges or from exploring Auckland’s varied and beautiful beaches.

Fern Leaves, A New Beginning Is Set By Fern Fronds

Fern Leaves, A New Beginning Is Set By Fern Fronds

Fern leaves unfurling find their association in New Zealand with the koru symbol. It is essentially a spiral, that stands for new beginnings and balance.

With this in mind it seems like the koru symbol underlies the  template design “Fern Frond”.

Transparent Shapes Result In A Flexible And Monochrome Design

In fact half transparent circular shapes give the fictive view in to the center of a fern where many fern fronds strive to unfurl. Monochromatic tones reflect the degree of layered transparencies in white or grey that ultimately add depth to the surface pattern.

The new contemporary design template allows anyone to tap in to their  creative source by adding their own choice of background color.

Fern Frond Design Pattern on Different Background Colors

Feel invited to follow the link to the bedroom “Fern Frond” collection at Zazzle.com to explore.

Fern leaves In Natural Setting Surround An Emerging Fern Frond

The fern photo below shows an example of a rolled up fern leaf. Botanists call it fern frond. The one domineering the photo  is on the verge to unfurl and expand into a wonderful and delicate leaf creation.

Unfurling Fern Leaves Photo

Holding such a strong symbolic meaning of ‘new beginnings’ and ‘balance’, it is natural that the fern frond frequently inspires new creative applications. Illustrators, graphic designer, jewelers and artists and many professionals of related trades find opportunity to add the symbol to their creations as shown below.

Koru Inlay In Pathway

A  photo taken at the Arataki Centre,  a touristic highlight indeed close to Auckland, shows a creative example to instill meaning in an ordinary pathway. In this case the koru symbol inlay in the pathway adds the symbolic meaning of ending the  bush walk. At the same time while entering the grounds a the beginning of new experience commences. The Arataki Centre is a place of learning and opportunity to connect land and the people.

Interiors Lookbook >>>

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Beach Brunch Sparked Inspiration to the Colors of the Sea

Beach Brunch Sparked Inspiration to the Colors of the Sea

The NZ art print Beach Brunch by Holly Roach had been inspiration to the design series “Colors of the Sea“.

Beach Brunch by Holly Roach

The art print explores the composition of a long legged and red beaked oyster-catcher stilting in-midst a beach buffet. Sea fruits like shells, clams, cockles and kina swept ashore now lie scattered along the beach. Shorebirds then gather to feast on these gifts by the sea.  The print beautifully captures a scene familiar to the eyes on a walk along one of West Auckland’s vast shorelines.

Colors of the Sea Delight in Surface Designs

Inspired by the art print ‘ Beach Brunch ‘ the design series ‘Colors of  the Sea’ was born. The surface designs pick-up on the color scheme and the image theme and sometimes combining colors and theme.

So it happened that the first design an exploding circular pattern called ‘Ocean-Blue’ reminds of the sea meeting the shore. Another set has sea silhouettes of an oyster-catcher or a joyful jumping dolphin set against a uni-colored background. The background color serves as template and can be change to any color.  All the while the design ‘Density’ reminds in pattern and coloration on the moment when sweeping see meets the sand at the beach. Then we kept the colors in a neutral monochrome grey and let the design density pair with the shorebird who is having a beach brunch.

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Oyster-catcher stilting along the shoreline
Oyster-catcher flying
Beach scene with flying oyster-catcher

Monarch Butterfly Designs and the Law of Attraction

Monarch Butterfly Designs and the Law of Attraction

 What have the Monarch Butterfly designs to do with the law of attraction?

On a blue skied summer morning in the first week of January, while driving to the market, our family car broke down. A single event that set a burst of inspired action in motion, apart of majorly inconveniencing all parties. During this time of the year customary many small businesses are on their yearly vacation. Businesses are often closed for one or more weeks. As it turned out our mechanic had a break of two weeks. Consequently a mind boggling long week needed bridging without car. Luckily a friend lived close by and offered help. She lent her car on Sunday to take the trip to the local market and thus resolved our transport dilemma.

After returning the car, I crossed the neighborhood school ground on my way home. Routinely I would have followed the path along the fence. This time differed. Responding to an inkling I wandered past the classroom entrances.

Discovery of a School Study Project

Guess what, the flower patches lining the classroom windows were dedicated to? A study project monitoring the life cycle of Monarch Butterflies.

Milkweed bushes were scattered throughout the beds to attract these beautiful winged insects. In New Zealand milk weed is commonly known as swan plants in reference to the swan neck-like bending of the leaves. On this delightful morning Monarch caterpillars with their eye catching markings in black, yellow and white proved the students’ intention successful.

The butterflies spotted the bushes and laid their eggs for breeding. Now larvae competed hungrily in munching leaves, blossoms and seed balls. Where clusters of caterpillars feasted the bushes looked bare.

Testing the possibilities of the smartphone camera I was able to capture different morphing stages.  Visits over the next fortnight allowed to capture caterpillars and the hook like meditative stage before cocooning. Fully cocooned the chrysalis changed colors over the next 14 days from a bright apple green to a very dark brownish green. An unmistakable sign, it was time for the butterfly to hatch.

This short clip shows a freshly hatched Monarch Butterfly stretching his wings.

Inspired Action by Hatching Monarch Butterfly Designs

Always on the lookout for new design ideas this stroll off the routine track unleashed ideas for original designs. For weeks  every available second new ideas were formed and took on shape. The frenzy  then reached a pinnacle in forming strategies to spread the word about the new Monarch Butterfly designs.

Surprisingly, by the time our mechanic re-opened his garage and examined the motor he could detect that could have caused the motor malfunction. Since this incident the car drives on reliably. As a strong believer in the law of attraction, I take it as such and am happy about the creative phase the incident prompted. For now five beautiful summer designs are the result and more are in development.

Visit the Monarch Butterfly collection on Zazzle.


Monarch Butterfly on lilac colored allium blossom






Design Services that Make you Feel Creative

Design Services that Make you Feel Creative

How design services of KBM D3signs can help you:

KBM D3signs uses the site as a portfolio for past and current pattern designs. The portfolio shows off relevant designs of our creative work. Most noteworthy everyone experiences a feeling of pride by taking part in a creative process. Hence many of our pattern welcome customer to personalize text and select their preferred color.

As a result our designs allow:

  • Filling in initials and
  • Choice of color

Relevant new design posts give insights about how to customize and what to customize.  In conclusion the introduction of a new a surface pattern design provides a  look-book link. Here fun mood-boards allow to explore styling possibilities and color schemes. Numerous decor items shine in compositions.

Yet, these are fun to create. It is also a great place to socialize online and meet people to exchange, compete and explore ideas in home decor and fashion. Please join in to a creative journey of color and pattern in one or both groups at Polyvore.com. The Group ‘Fall for It’ explores interior mood-boards. Color and Pattern, the second group runs contests to exchange fashion ideas.

Where to Find our Pattern Designs?

It is especially noteworthy that KBM D3signs publishes their surface pattern designs within ‘POD’s’ (Print On Demand) platforms. Find stores run by KBMD3sings on Zazzle, Artsadd, Artofwhere and PAOM (Print All Over Me). An affiliation with multiple companies gives as well a wider selection of products as a wider range of product qualities:

  • Customers choose the product and we fit any of our dynamic, bold and personal pattern designs.
  • Following customer request we always modify design color schemes.
  • We prepare custom surface pattern designs for retailers interested in the POD’s wholesale program.   Consequently these become uniquely theirs. Hence a retailer chooses product type, surface pattern and color.

In conclusion, for inquiries about our design services please click through to the contact form.