Our Approach

For our approach and many others, the following quote by Vincent Van Gogh renders true.

Great things are not done by impulse,

but a series of small things brought together.

Vincent Van Gogh

It also applies to the interiors of homes. Rarely do homes reflect an instant but rather an evolution over time. Very likely, if we stay long enough in one place, a home mirrors who we were, who we are now, and who we aim to become.

A home its inhabitant spent time in looks different than a home rushed through. The number of inhabitants or wealth all leave their marks. So often the outcome is a collection of items that merge together to form a unique home experience.

About Our Approach And Background of KBM D3signs

Thank you for showing interest in learning more about our approach and the behind scenes of KBM D3signs.

Altogether, the three letters KBM belong to three people, each with a specific gift that forms the creative backbone.

K a born scientist and master of words, his inquisitive nature, and analytical mind are a great guide. The science website www.Easy-Science-Experiments.com is his brainchild.

B has a background in interior design and a love for anything digital, she finds joy in creating stylish surface pattern designs. Two stores give a wide range of modern and fun color customizable home decor items Fall For It and to freshen up your bathroom decor, Take A Dip.

All small business owners and entrepreneurs find business cards for a variety of professions and marketing items and teaching activities in the store Cocoon It.

The focus of M concentrates on healthy eating and living a healthier life. Find her healthy recipe creations under www.Easy-Healthy-Recipes-For-Kids.com. Look up fun kitchen wall decor and accessories related to food and cooking and, of course, accessories to plan a kid’s party in the store Color Cocktail.

Together we live in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, and close to the beautiful west coast with the Waitakere Ranges. Visit the Zazzle store Kiaora New Zealand o find customizable photo collages, Instagram collages, and photo gifts, all showcasing the unique region we live.

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