Orange and Black Color Palette Ideas for Home Decor by Embracing Nature’s Beauty

The orange and black color palette, drawn from the mesmerizing beauty of nature, never fails to inspire. It is a captivating palette that evokes both warmth and elegance in its timeless color combination. Let us explore how this striking duo can be used to transform your home into a haven of style and sophistication.

Five Color Collages with #Hex Codes to Jumpstart Your Home Decorating

Get inspired by stunning landscapes rendered in vibrant hues as the sun goes down, to intriguing colored flowers and birds. Even cutting oranges in the kitchen can provide a wealth of design inspiration.

Orange and black color palette found in a heron silhouette set against a glowing sunset

Sunset Inspired Collage

The first source of inspiration for our orange and black palette is the magnificent spectacle of a sunset on the beach. As the sun sinks below the horizon, it paints the sky with rich hues of burnt orange, amber, and deep black. Imagine capturing these breathtaking colors in your home. Walls painted in warm oranges, complemented by black accents from furniture or decorative elements, create a stunning focal point in any room. Balance the intensity of these colors by incorporating neutral tones like white or beige for a harmonious ambiance.

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Orange Wall Decor A Digital Art Print Showing A Sunset Seascape

The orange wall decor consists of a digital art print that shows a triptych of a sunset seascape. Yesterday it received the star for a Zazzle Editor’s pick. That is fantastic recognition for the Modern Orange Digital Art Beach Seascape Canvas Print.

The post today is, in general, about giving our gratitude for receiving this acknowledgment. To clarify and take advantage of the occasion to introduce home decor ideas where the wall decor meets various pillow patterns, creating eight unique spaces.

Editor's Pick at - Orange sunset seascape wall decor

Altogether, the sunset beach digital art print is available as poster or canvas prints in diverse formats. In view of this, there are single prints in landscape and square and multi-panel art prints from 2, 3, or 4 panels.

In eight inspiring mood boards, then KBM D3signs presents color combinations to pair up with the orange wall hanging. Additionally, each idea pairs with a different patterned orange pillow.

Eight Decor Colors To Complement The Orange Wall Decor

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Bright Orange Table Runner With Three Monarch Butterfly Pairs

This week the orange table runner got handpicked as an editor’s choice product by the Zazzle team. We feel altogether elated to be among the selected ones and share our joy about it here with you. Overall three Monarch butterfly pairs make the table decor an eye-catching print-on-demand design.

Monarch butterfly design - orange table runner

What If The Color Does Not Work For The Occasion?

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Fun Kids Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation And Accessories

The fun kids’ butterfly birthday party invitation and accessories in orange make a bright birthday party theme. All in all the party accessories include a birthday invitation, table decor, and a favors bag.

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Blue And Orange Pillows Meet Art Prints Photos

Blue and orange pillows star in the following living room decoration ideas. In the subsequent twelve patterns, each decorates an orange and a blue pillow to form and complements a famous artwork by Edvard Munch or popular Maroccan photo prints.

Blue and Orange Pillows In 6 Pattern Complement Stunning Maroccan Photo Prints

  • A pattern of fragmented circles
  • Rugged, jagged repeat pattern
  • Checkers and stripes pattern
  • Rippled line pattern
  • Triangles form a geometric or ethnic pattern
  • Stringed beads of circular shapes

More Details About The Orange and Blue Home Decor Accessories

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Edvard Munch Art Meets Pillows In Blue And Orange

Renowned Edvard Munch art meets pillows in blue and orange by KBMD3signs. Various patterned pillows embellish living room decor with the focus on nine artworks by the expressionist painter. 

Nine Edvard Munch Art Prints

  • Landscape Of Krogero
  • Vampire
  • Girls Picking Apples
  • Madonna 2
  • The Scream
  • The Yellow Log
  • The Voice, Summer Night
  • The Sun
  • Shore With Red House

About the Norwegian Painter Edvard Munch

The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was born in Adalsbruk, Loten, Norway, in 1863 on the 12th, of December. Aged 80, the artist died in Oslo on January 23 in 1944. 

As a well-known expressionist, his painting The scream reached internationally iconic status. 

“In my art, I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself.”

Entry in Edvard Munch’s Diary

Landscape Of Kragero, 1912

Landscape Of Kragero Log by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows with jagged pattern in orange and blue
Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows

An energetic art print, Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch, brings the scene to life in coral and turquoise blue with grass-green sloping hills. The modern and friendly wall decor complements a pair of throw pillows with a jagged pattern in blue and orange.

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Pair Summer Colored, Turquoise And Orange Pillows With Art By Chris Rice

Turquoise and orange pillows are a great and inspiring summer combination. Given this, KBM D3signs presents six living room decoration ideas using vivid colored wall decor by Chris Rice to pair up with throw pillows in turquoise and orange.

6 different patterns on turquoise and orange pillows and 6 art prints by Chris Rice

Why choose turquoise and orange pillows for your summer living room decor?

Orange finds its place as a secondary color between red and orange. For this reason, the color has characteristics of each of the colors, such as joy, communication, and spreading loving energy. Pairing orange with its complementary color turquoise supports the summer vibe. The energetic expression of turquoise relates to communication and creativity.

Both colors show desirable attributes for a family living room to inspire a vivid, communicative and creative space filled with love and laughter.

Who is Chris Rice?

Musician. Painter. Author.

“Mine is a life inspired by the beauty and color of nature, the contemplation of God, and the humor tucked into small everyday moments. Driven to communicate all of this through creative means, I am overwhelmed by the privilege, and happy to find my work reaching so many people in meaningful ways.”

— Chris Rice

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Huia Dreams Art Print by Ellen Giggenbach- Art Meets Pillows

Under the series – Art Meets Pillows – the Huia Dreams art print by Ellen Giggenbach is complemented by two pillows. One pillow in orange and the second in yellow. In both cases, the throw pillows display the pixel pattern.

Huia Dreams Art Print by Ellen Giggenbach
Huia Dreams Art Print by Ellen Giggenbach, Art Meets Pillows, Square Pixel In Yellow & Orange

The pillow surface pattern mirrors overlaying shapes that distinguish shades of yellow only to merge into a square. 

Ellen Giggenbach, a New Zealand artist, however, uses this technique with more complexity.  

She states explicitly in her own words: “Each design starts its life as an idea only. Piece by piece, it grows like a puzzle till even one more element would upset a carefully crafted balance of shape and color.”

How does it come to fruition in the Huia Dreams art print?

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Pair-up Orange Throw Pillows Printed With A Square Pixel Pattern

Two orange throw pillows with a pixelated pattern are the focus of the decor exploration.

Both pillow print versions display a monochrome color mix. Their difference is one pattern has its colors lightened by white, while the second example shows them subdued by black. Since a geometric square pattern underlies the pixel effect, the pillows are versatile in their accommodation of various styles.

Two Orange Throw Pillows With A Pixelated Pattern One Lightened The Other Subdued
Orange Throw Pillows With Pixelated Pattern

However, the orange is exemplary. The complete series encompasses ten colorations. Among them, you find yellow, blue, red, pink, purple, green, grey, brown, and turquoise. Additional decor items such as block-colored affirmation cushions, round cushions, poufs, and blankets complete the whole collection.

Last, the best feature is helpful if the pattern pleases, but the coloration is off for your existing decor or your new decoration project. Choose a pillow color to color it your way by customizing the fill color.

Nine unique styles using the same white couch and orange throw pillows

In the following nine decorating examples, KBM D3signs focuses, in fact, on exploring color combinations with orange pillows using the same white couch.

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