Happy 2021

Happy 2021! I very much look forward to welcoming the year 2021 and wishing everyone a new year filled with light, health, abundance, peace, freedom, truth, and happiness.

In the final post for 2020, we want to take the chance to say thank you to all our site visitors. We are grateful for your interest and your inspiring feedback.

With a final clip, KBM D3signs remembers their design journey in 2020.

The clip shows customizable kitchen wall art created for the recipe website www.Easy-Healthy-Recipes-For-Kids.com. Which, by the way, experienced a complete make-over this year lead by KBM D3signs. 

Altogether digital art themes include fruit still lives for the kitchen wall. Included are cherries, bananas, apples, pumpkin, and a smoothie glass. 

A second group draws its ideas from the hen house featuring a mother hen with a chick, a hatchling, and a rooster. Meanwhile, the rooster shows four different background solutions.

To remain with the next example in the animal universe, where a black and a white cat sit companionably, side by side, in front of the rising moon or sun, making beautiful kitchen decor.

All art prints are customizable. A detail that refers to the possibility of changing the fill color, even the caption, font, and font color in some cases. When customizing, you can match the canvas print or poster print to any new or existing kitchen color scheme.

The second part of the clip focuses on customizable throw pillows.

What makes the throw pillows so extraordinary?

Every pattern theme comes in up to four pattern variations. Ultimately each pattern comes either in black, white, and shades of each to return a monochrome pillow. Furthermore, each theme comes in the colors: yellow, red, blue, grey, green, brown, orange, pink, purple, and turquoise. If the color does not match your vision, you can color it your way by changing the fill color. You find the how tos here for desktops and here for mobile devices.

Thank you for accompanying us on the 2020 design review. We love and appreciate your feedback. 

Happy 2021!