Pohutukawa Floral Art Print Accented With Brown And Orange Cushions

A pohutukawa floral art print by New Zealand artist Diane Adams is in the spotlight of this post.

Diane chooses to spotlight the blossoms of the pohutukawa tree in her artwork. Her work captures in beautiful detail their feathery appearance in red-orange. Blooming clusters follow a circular organizational pattern with tiny yellow tips and dark moss-green, oval-shaped leaves framing them.

Pohutukawa art print by Diane Adams complemented with brown and orange throw pillows

The tree is part of Kiwiana, which describes a collection of icons that belong to New Zealand. Often these icons form a strong foundation in many memories.

For example, the pohutukawa tree heralds the beginning of the New Zealand summer season by smothering streets and coastlines with its blooms in red. Indeed, the New Zealand summer coincides with the Christmas season, which caused to call the tree also the New Zealand Christmas tree.

Remarkable about this tree is it grows inland tall and straight while its appearances change on the coast. There it adapts by spreading out very wide. Growing wide while clinging with a myriad of aerial roots to the unstable ground in addition to tolerating sea spray, let the slow-growing tree reach an impressive size.

It is a tree that attracts birds, butterflies, and bees, and at the same time, captures the eyes and hearts of young and old. Many gather dear memories of sitting in its shade for a picnic while kids enjoy the thrill of climbing its low, far-spreading branches. Therefore it is no wonder the tree becomes too a popular object for New Zealand artists.

Khaki brown and orange throw pillows interact well with the pohutukawa floral art print

The decor example pairs the floral art print with a vibrant orange armchair. In turn, the armchair sports accents set by the monochrome khaki brown and orange throw pillow. Both pillows show a geometric nested circular pattern. A helpful characteristic of the surface pattern by KBM D3signs is if you like the pattern design, but the color is off, there is a simple solution of adjusting the fill color. Please find here the instructions for desktop devices or mobile devices.