Green Throw Pillows Showing A Decorative Circles Pattern And Ten Trendy Color Combinations

Green throw pillows that show a geometric nested circles pattern in particular form the heart of the color matching investigation.

All in all, that includes four distinct pattern appearances that sprang all from the same repeat pattern. To emphasize where the differences lie: The more zoomed in the geometric pattern is, the more it appears bold and tribal. Meanwhile, transforms into an intricate pattern design that transmits an ethnic flair when zooming out. Also, changing the center point gives an additional distinctly different perspective of the printed result.

In short, we distilled it into four patterns. To clarify it further, each of them comes in black and white, with the pillow color shining through. Additionally, converting the pattern design into a monochrome hue of the background color either subdued by shades of black or lightened by shades of white. 

Green throw pillows with nested geometric circles pattern
Green Throw Pillows With Nested Circular Pattern

In other words, the best pillow pattern feature is, it gives you the chance to color it your way.


In essence, by personalizing the fill color. You choose a pattern design and match it to an existing or planned living room color scheme.

Ten trendy green throw pillow combinations spiced up with a secondary color

In this post, KBM D3signs focuses in fact on exploring ten color combinations with green pillows.

Among you find:

  1. A fresh pink and green combo
  2. An eye-catching green and black pillow
  3. Stylish decor in green and white
  4. A classic green and red decor idea
  5. The sophisticated look by using green and brown
  6. Moody reflection in green and purple
  7. An energetic combo in green and orange
  8. Spring is in the air in green and yellow
  9. Most popular, is a green and blue pillow combination
  10. Achieve a grounding effect in green and grey
Green and pink nested geometric circle pillow
Green and Pink Pillows

Create a fresh accent on a grey single sofa lounger markedly with green and pink throw pillows.

green and black pillow with circular pattern on gray armchair
Green and Black Pillow

The circular pattern in black on a green pillow transmits an eye-catching effect on this gray armchair.

green and white pillow with circular pattern on yellow couch
Green and White Pillows

The green and white pillow pair makes a stylish decoration for the yellow love seat.

green and red pillows with circular pattern on white couch
Green and Red Pillows

A cabriole in white indeed shows a classic style with its green and red pillow decor.

Green and brown nested circle cushions on white loveseat
Green and Brown Pillows

Whenever a sophisticated look is a goal try the combination of green and brown throw pillows. In the present example, these accessorize a white modern couch.

Green and purple nested geometric circle pillow
Green and Purple Pillows

Achieve an overall moody and reflective feel by using green and purple pillows on a contemporary black couch.

Green and orange thrown pillow on orange armchair
Green and Orange Pillows

The orange and green pillows set an energetic accent on a bright orange armchair.

Green and yellow with a nested circular pillow on a yellow armchair
Grey and Blue Pillows

Bring in particular a joyful spring vibe into any place with a green and yellow pillow combo. This example shows them in a modern yellow armchair.

Green and blue nested geometric circle pillow
Grey and Purple Pillows

Blue and green pillows are a popular decor combination and work well on a gray modern couch.

More green & blue pillows →

green and gray pillows with circular pattern on gray couch
Grey and Green Pillows

Achieve a surprisingly grounding effect by choosing decor pillows in green and grey.

How to customize the coloration accent decor?

In effect all the display colors are illustrations. In that case, these allow for customization by modifying the fill color. With this in mind, it is a breeze to match an existing color scheme. Instructions for both, using a mobile device or a desktop are given in word and image by following the link. 

In any event to request help with the customization, please follow the link to inquire. We are here to help with both extending the product range and customizing the product to the accent color of your choice.

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.