How to Incorporate Shades of Blue Into Your Wedding Theme

Blue represents calmness, trust, and elegance. It’s like the ocean and the sky, which seem to go on forever. It is a great choice for couples who want to add a little magic to their wedding theme. But it can be hard to know how to choose from all the different shades of blue. Don’t worry, lovebirds. This detailed guide will help you plan your dream wedding with blues, whether it’s a beach party or a fancy ballroom event.

shades of blue wedding theme - declaration of love

Finding Your Perfect Shades of Blue Wedding Theme Symphony:

Find the colors that match your style. Do you like light blues like sky blue or aqua? Or do you prefer bright blues like sapphires and cobalt? Each color has its own feeling. Light blues make you feel like you are in a light and airy place, while darker blues like navy or royal blue make things feel more serious and deep.

Celebrate summer with cool and refreshing colors like turquoise or cerulean, which remind you of clear water. Winter weddings can look nice with dark blue colors like navy or royal blue, which remind you of a clear, cold sky.

Let Your Venue Be Your Muse:

Let the place where your event is taking place be your inspiration for the colors you choose. A beach wedding could be influenced by the colors of the ocean, mixing blue and green with sandy colors. An old-fashioned barn could look good with a light blue color and some warm, earthy colors for a country feel.

Beyond the Bouquet: A Symphony of Blue Accents:

shades of blue wedding theme - romantic wedding table idea

Blue flowers are a good way to start using the color blue in your decorations, but there are many other options to choose from. You can handover this duty to any reliable wedding planning company to avoid any inconvenience on your event.


Put light blue tablecloths on the tables to make them look soft and calming. Use blue lights to create a magical atmosphere, or add blue flowers like hydrangeas, delphiniums, and forget-me-nots to centerpieces. To add a fun and quirky touch, spread blue feathers or sprinkle sparkly crystals that look like sapphires and opals.


Create a stylish look with fancy invitations, reminders, and menus in various shades of blue. Think about using light blue watercolor paint or fancy handwriting in different shades of blue to add a creative look.


Use your imagination. Hang light blue fabrics to make dreamy backgrounds, or use blue candles and tealights for a romantic touch. Hang blue fairy lights on the ceiling to make it look like a starry night.

Fashion Flair:

The bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear blue in many different ways. The bridesmaids can wear blue dresses in different shades, while the groomsmen can wear blue ties, pocket squares, or even socks. Try using different textures and patterns to make things look more interesting and not all the same.

Cakes and Desserts:

You can make a blue ombre cake with edible pearls, sprinkle macarons with edible glitter, and make blue velvet cupcakes. These sweet treats can add a fun and tasty touch to your theme.

Professional harmony: Hiring a wedding planning company

Hiring a wedding planning company can be like an all-in-one frame; conductors, putting together a perfect wedding with a blue theme. They know a lot and have friends who can find special blue decorations, flowers, and other things to make your ideas real. Also, they can assist with:


They will help you make sure that your blue theme doesn’t cost too much money. They will find clever and cheap ways to use the color.

Cohesive Composition:

Create a consistent and matching look for your wedding, from the beginning to the end, making sure that every part goes well together.

Vendor Management:

They will help you find trustworthy vendors who can make your blue-themed ideas come to life, saving you time and worry.

Stress Management:

They will help you plan so you can relax and enjoy the experience of celebrating your love.


Keeping a balance is important: don’t let too much blue take over. Use blue carefully to avoid an overwhelming appearance.

Mix and Match:

You can mix shades of blue with colors like gold, silver, or ivory. Don’t worry about trying different combinations.

Personalize Your Symphony:

Make your symphony special by adding special details that show your love story and who you are. Maybe you met at the beach or both like the same kind of bird. Incorporate these special details into your theme to make it more meaningful.

With good planning, creativity, and some help from a professional, you can make a beautiful and unforgettable wedding with a calm and elegant blue theme. Don’t forget, your wedding is about love, so let your own style come through and have fun as you plan the perfect day.