Green And Blue Pillows Paired With Nature Photo Prints

Green and blue pillows with various patterns by KBM D3signs complement nature photographs by several photographers.

Nine living room decorations show ideas on how to transform a living room with little effort. Accomplish this through a simple change in wall decor, wall coloration, and selection in accent pillows. Each example results in an atmosphere change. Adjectives to describe the outcome include distinction, playfulness, modern, traditional, minimal, ethnic.

Nature Photography Print Wall Decor Complemented By Green And Blue Pillows

  1. Close up of a succulent plant rosette
  2. Texan McAllen bird from the Rio Grande Valley
  3. Bamboo close-up
  4. Proud peacock with wheel
  5. Delicate dragonfly
  6. The landscape of the White River National Forest
  7. A hummingbird with a red hibiscus blossom
  8. Single dandelion seed-ball
  9. The landscape of the Glacier National Park

Succulent Rosette Close-Up And Circle Patterned Pillows

Succulent Wall Decor And Green And Blue Circle Patterned Pillow
Succulent Wall Decor And Circle Patterned Pillow

A beautiful succulent rosette close-up photography decorates the cool green wall. The couch shows throw pillows with a nested circle pattern that assumes an ethnic appearance.

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Edvard Munch Art Meets Pillows In Blue And Orange

Renowned Edvard Munch art meets pillows in blue and orange by KBMD3signs. Various patterned pillows embellish living room decor with the focus on nine artworks by the expressionist painter. 

Nine Edvard Munch Art Prints

  • Landscape Of Krogero
  • Vampire
  • Girls Picking Apples
  • Madonna 2
  • The Scream
  • The Yellow Log
  • The Voice, Summer Night
  • The Sun
  • Shore With Red House

About the Norwegian Painter Edvard Munch

The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was born in Adalsbruk, Loten, Norway, in 1863 on the 12th, December. Aged 80, the artist died in Oslo on January 23 in 1944. 

As a well-known expressionist, his painting The scream reached internationally iconic status. 

“In my art, I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself.”

Entry in Edvard Munch’s Diary

Landscape Of Kragero, 1912

Landscape Of Kragero Log by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows with jagged pattern in orange and blue
Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows

An energetic art print, Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch, brings the scene to life in coral and turquoise blue with grass-green sloping hills. The modern and friendly wall decor complements a pair of throw pillows with a jagged pattern in blue and orange.

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Modern Beach Home Decor, Sea Art Meets Pillows With Shell Pattern

Modern beach home decor is the decoration theme of the post. Selected examples use three beach scenes as wall decor. Two show an abstract of a West Auckland beachscape and one of the favorite sea mammals, the dolphins. Furthermore, the decor stretches to throw pillows decorated with a stylish shell pattern design and other home accessories.

In this instance wall decor of three digital abstracts shines.

  1. Three Playfully Jumping Dolphins
  2. Te Henga
  3. Karekare
Digital Sea Art and Shell Patterned Throw Pillows in French Blue

Home Decor Accessories in French Blue

Here the sea art and decorative throw pillows are in the beautiful summer tone of French Blue. The home accessory color is exemplary and allows for alterations. Clicking through to the Zazzle store FallForIt reveals these items in Marigold (orange), Cerulean (steel-blue), Rust (brown), Illuminating (yellow), Green Ash (turquoise), Burnt Coral (pink), Mint (green), Amethyst Orchid (purple), and Raspberry Sorbet (red).

Young Beach Home Decor In White And Blue, Turquoise And Yellow, And Yellow And Brown

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