Six Spring Wedding Invitations Mood Boards to Spark Ideas

Spring wedding invitations have importance. For this reason, KBM D3signs created six mood boards in hope to spark ideas.

Some of the following examples relate to the season and others specifically to the event and some reference both.

Their task is to communicate:

  • Date, Time and Location
  • The language indicates the general tone, casual or formal
  • The design could refer to the season, spring
  • The location garden, beach, mountains, lake, cruise, etc
  • The theme in color or style, such as rustic, vintage, boho, pop-art, modern, classic, minimal, traditional, etc.
  • How important your guests will feel.

Besides being well executed, the invitation has the potential to become a keepsake for you and your guests.

For all the above reasons it is worth giving your wedding invitation, some thought. 

If you intend to gather ideas and actively take part in the design and personalization of your invitations, then you are in the right place at KBM D3signs.

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Wedding Invitation Templates And How You Can Shine With Them

Wedding invitation templates return frequently question on how you can shine by using them. Please find a list of questions answered. If you have a question not answered yet, please write a note we are here to help.

Wedding Invitations Templates That Match Your Wedding Theme
Photo by Ibrahim Boran

Frequently Asked Questions?

How to create your own professional looking unique invitation?

Create your own unique wedding invitation stationery by using available online design tools. Start from scratch style the invitations by utilizing shape and font galleries, upload your own images or define a background color.

Alternatively, it is easy to choose template designs, like We Do, created by KBM D3signs and fellow Zazzle designers. Their template designs form a great foundation for your own creative input. Customize and add features to make them uniquely yours.

Do Zazzle invitations come with envelopes?

Zazzle invitations come with an envelope against an additional fee. The standard envelope is plain white.

Likewise, Wedding Invitations Templates cover add-ons such as envelope liners. Another attractive alternative offer inside and outside design matching envelopes. Both solutions are separate positions in your order.

Do I have to write addresses on wedding invitations from Zazzle?

Matching envelopes allow the bride and groom to show off their best handwriting skills. Due to this, the address adds a personal touch. More conveniently Zazzle’s online tools allow customizing a sender address.

You decided to use the standard white envelope, then consider giving a personal touch using a personalized address label.

When should I order my wedding invitations?

Order wedding invitations ahead of the 6 to 8 weeks mailing deadline in mind. The date to order very much depends on where in the world you order your stationery suits from.

A pretty safe way to test the required printing and shipping period is by adding the invitation to your cart and review the estimated arrival time.

How many extra wedding invitations should I order?

Available packing units at Zazzle differ from product to product. So check it out carefully. When planning your final order, consider last-minute invitation decisions. And cater to writing mistakes and other occurrences.

Certainly ordering a surplus of a quarter to the required amount is a good strategy.

How much do wedding invitations cost?

In general volume discounts increase with the size of your order. These discounts are different for each stationery product. Above all the cost of an invitation depends on product quality, product features as well as its size and shape. Other factors are whether a standard envelope is selected or one that matches the design. Another aspect adds to stationery costs and that is the complexity of your creative wedding invitation.

Furthermore, Zazzle offers business deals. Please find the inquiry form here.

5 Reasons, Why to Send an Invitation Marking Your New Beginning at All?

Keepsake Box
  • First and foremost, a formal wedding invitation expresses the importance of your special day. For many, the invitation will serve as a memento to your new beginning.
  • Second, you can set the mood using wedding invitations templates. Express your personality! Do this by changing, for example, the We Do image placeholder. Likewise, the new image can show the couple and connect the ceremony and location. But you could also let your wedding colors be the guide. And use a template that allows selecting your own background color. However, the possibilities are endless. The tone is set by your invitation, even the level of formality you use in your wording and fonts.
  • Third, because the more thoughtful and personal the event invitation is, the more valuable the perception of the day will be.
  • Fourth, above all, family and friends have the chance to add the card as memorable to their cherished keepsake box.
  • Fifth, and last remember, the wedding preparations are as valuable as the day to fill your story-book of life. As a result, a wedding card connects both being a message format and becoming a keepsake item very well.
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Last-Minute Wedding Preparation to Guarantee a Perfect Big Day

The last-minute wedding preparation to guarantee a perfect big day is to designate an event coordinator for the day and equip the chosen one with a vendor call list.

Why? Simple. For months your life revolved around how to plan a wedding. You started by collating ideas on Pinterest and sending out save-the-date cards. Then you researched wedding services, compared quotes, and posted wedding invitations. All this while diligently filling in your financial spreadsheet to tailor your dream wedding within your budget.

Now on your big day, it is time to concentrate on yourself to look your best and enjoy the day. Your chosen event coordinator for the day becomes the go-to person for last-minute questions and instructions.

Mr. and Mrs. wedding day decor

Great you are ready to enjoy your big day!

A timeline and a call list are great accessories to prepare for the day. Paired with the information that is important to you can be at ease on your big day.

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Budget Wedding, Transform It Into a Perfect Day

Budget wedding, words that raise immediate feelings of being cheap an emotion in contradiction to a  perfect wedding day. A day that should evoke feelings of being valued. The best outcome is a wedding day perfectly tailored to what you value most. What if you could achieve this within budget and promoting a favorable new beginning to your new life chapter as Mr. & Mrs.

Tackle the big task and plan a wedding by using the free budget template created by KBMD3signs. Stay on top of all the wedding costs and plan a perfect wedding day.

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How to Plan a Wedding? Use a Step by Step Wedding Plan!

How to plan a wedding? Using a step by step wedding plan keeps the bride and groom for their upcoming wedding relaxed and on track. Effectively this approach preserves the joy for the special event ahead.

We are Tying the Knot
Photo by Desiree Fawn

With the intention to give a helping hand, KBM D3signs prepared a wedding checklist template. In order to stay organized and prepared, the checklist follows an initial timeline. Each major item on the list relates to a period for research and a period for decision making. Closer to the wedding day the list serves as a reminder to confirm that all preparations align with the event date.

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