Moroccan Wall Decor

Moroccan wall decor shows in detail country-describing facets, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, and visuals unique to the region. Essentially, each poster print pairs up with a pillow pattern design by KBM D3signs.

The kingdom of Morocco occupies North Africa and is also the most northwestern country of the Maghreb region. The Mediterranean Sea sweeps the north and the Atlantic Ocean the west. To the South borders the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Meanwhile, to the east, the borders are shared with Algeria. Casablanca is the largest city, and Rabat is the capital.

Moroccan Wall Decor Meet Various Colored Pillows

  1. El Jadida, cistern Portuguese
  2. Kasbah of Tolouet, Zelij Moroccan tile work
  3. Ornate door, detail of the King’s palace
  4. Traditional door in Chefchaouen
  5. Lighthouse at Cap Spartel
  6. Interior of Tin Mal mosque

Orange And Blue Pillows Meet Moroccan Wall Decor

Blue And Brown Pillows Meet Moroccan Wall Decor

El Jadida, Cisterne Portuguese
El Jadida, Cisterne Portuguese

El Jadida

A stylish industrial setting shows the black and white photography of the El Jadida cistern Portuguese accordingly with the black and white pillows from the beads pattern design.

Beads Pattern Design →

Kasbah of Telouet, Zelij Moroccan Tile Work
Kasbah of Telouet, Zelij Moroccan Tile Work


The ornamental tile work photography complements, in fact, yellow and blue pillows with an ethnic style pattern of nested circles.

Nested Circles Pattern →

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Detail Of The King's Palace Ornate Doors
Detail Of The King’s Palace Ornate Doors

Ornate Door

The yellow and blue Mediterranean-style living room shows wall and decor accessories, including a poster print with the ornate door at the King Palace and two pillows in Moroccan-inspired pattern designs in addition.

Moroccan Inspired Pattern →

Chefchaouen, Traditional Door
Chefchaouen, Traditional Door

Moroccan Door

A blue and red color palette for the living room becomes indeed galvanized by the photo print of a traditional Moroccan door in vibrant blue and purple-red paired pillows with a wave-pattern design.

Wave Pattern →

Lighthouse At Cap Spartel
Lighthouse At Cap Spartel


A beautiful coastal photograph shows a towering lighthouse at Cap Spartel while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Hexagon pattern pillows in green and yellow accessorize the traditional living room.

Hexagon Pattern →

Tin Mal Mosque, Interior
Tin Mal Mosque, Interior

Tin Mal

The interior photo poster print of the Tin Mal mosque focuses on its Moorish arches. Additionally, these are called keyhole arches. Throw pillows with nested angular pattern design support a classic decoration.

Angular Pattern →

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