Moroccan Wall Decor

& Brown And Blue Pillows

The last group concentrates on blue and brown hues. Six Moroccan-themed wall hangings complement furthermore six decorative throw pillow pattern designs by KBM D3signs.

  1. Film Set Castle, Kingdom of Heaven Exterior
  2. Blue Door
  3. Blue Arch
  4. Atlantic Coast, ESSAOUIRA
  5. Sand Dunes, Sahara Desert, Morocco
  6. View of Central Essaouira
Moroccan Hollywood: Film Set Castle, Kingdom of Heaven Exterior
Film Set Castle, Kingdom of Heaven Exterior

Film Set Castle

A film set castle exterior reminds, in fact, on the production of the Kingdom of Heaven Exterior. In landscape format, the photo print hangs above a white couch where correspondingly two typography Love printed throw pillows accent the furniture.

Love Pattern →

Morocco, Chefchaouen or Chaouen
Morocco, Chefchaouen or Chaouen

Blue Door

Vibrant blue hues make the poster print of an entrance door in Moroccan Chefchaouen stand out. At the same time, the modern blue and brown living room display throw pillows with a nested box pattern.

Box Pattern →

Morocco, Chefchaouen. Blue Arch
Morocco, Chefchaouen. Blue Arch

Blue Arch

A rustic-style living room with whitewashed brick walls makes up the interior space. Markedly to emphasize the rustic style, the wall decoration shows a blue ark in a natural stone wall in Chefchaouen. Complementing, however, color and style, two pillows with African-inspired pattern designs, one in blue and one in brown, decorate the dark brown armchair.

African Inspired Pattern →



The poster print shows Essaouira while overlooking the Moroccan Atlantic Coast. Here, the poster print decorates the wall in a classic living room, together with two pixel-patterned decorative throw pillows on a comfort promising armchair.

Pixel Pattern →

Sand Dunes, Sahara Desert, Morocco
Sand Dunes, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sand Dunes

The dune poster print of the Saharan Desert hangs above a stylish blue-grey couch where accordingly, brown and blue square spiral patterned pillows complement it.

Spiral Box Pattern →

View of Central Essaouira
View of Central Essaouira

Central Essaouira

The Moroccan vibe shines effectively in this poster print while a sweeping view glides above the rooftops of central Essaouira. All in all, the checkers and stripes patterned pillows complement the wall decoration and accent a blue armchair.

Checkers & Stripes Pattern →

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Can I Customize The Color In Home Accessories To Match Moroccan Wall Decor?


After following the link – Customize further – on the product page, use the color picker or enter a Hex code. Consequently, the pattern shows either lightened or subdued in the selected color. Then click through for step-by-step instructions to guide you through the modification process.

How To Pick A Color Palette To Match Moroccan Wall Decor And Home Accessories?

Coolors has a fantastic app to do just this. If you require hands-on help for product customization, expansion, or you would like a custom design, then contact us directly on Telegram