Brown and Blue Pillows

Brown and blue pillows are the focus here. And form the center point of the following living room decor ideas. 

The blue and brown hues vary, and so do the pattern designs. A fact, that makes accessorizing a wide range of styles possible. With this, a wide selection of living room styles finds suitable surface pattern designs. Should the color not match the purpose then modify the fill color. 

Each decorative pillow pair is part of an extensive home decor collection. Following the link after each example will direct you to the complete collection. Within find accessories in ten colorations in addition to black and white. Generally, each pattern design idea comes in multiple pattern sizes. Furthermore, all throw pillow designs by KBM D3signs allow you to modify the fill color. Consequently, the patterns appear either lightened or subdued.

The collection includes square, round and oblong pillows, comforters round and cubed, and blankets.

Pillow Pattern Designs

  • Geometric Print
  • Pixelated
  • Typographic Love Pattern
  • Stripes and Checker  
  • Waves
  • Nested Spiral Box

Brown and Blue Pillows On Page Two

  • Layer
  • Triangle
  • Nested Box
  • African inspired
  • Stripes and Checker
  • Wave
Art print Beach Umbrellas by Lincoln Seligman and one grey and one blue pillow with nested box pattern by KBM D3signs
Nested Corners Patterned Pillows

Geometric Print

Four nested corners meet at the center point and create a geometric pattern. In the example, the pillows accessorize a rattan armchair and complement an art print – Beach Umbrellas – by Lincoln Seligman.

Angular Pattern Decor →

Pixel Pattern Pillows


Multi-shaded square tiles convey a pixelated impression. Here the pillow pair accents a traditional style armchair and complement Moroccan wall decor.

Pixel Pattern Decor →

Blue & Brown Pillows

On Page Two

Love Wall Decor Seascape
Seamless Love Typography

Love Pattern

A seamless typography pattern with love decorates the pillows in blue and brown. The wall decor does match the modern typography style and shows a New Zealand seascape. It works as a template and allows replacing.

Love Home Decor →

Penguins At Sunset And Yellow, Brown, And Blue Pillows With Checkers And Stripes Pattern
Checker and Stripes in Yellow, Brown, And Blue

Checker & Stripes

Brown, blue and yellow pillows show the checker and stripes pattern to decorate a modern white couch and complement a sunset photo of a South African Black-footed Penguin colony.

Stripes & Checkers Pattern →

Crocodile Photo Print And Blue, Brown, And Grey Pillows With Wave Pattern
Wave Pattern in Blue, Brown, And Grey

Wave Pattern

Pillows in blue, brown, and grey with a seamless wave pattern decorate the modern white couch complementing an African photograph with a dramatic crocodile close-up.

Wave Pattern →

Spiral Box

A steel blue couch accessorized with pillows in the colors blue and brown showing a spiral box pattern. Additionally, the home decor complements the Moroccan wall decor portraying the Saharan desert.

The second living room shows an alternative setting using a white couch and wall art of a seaside cave by KBM D3signs.

Spiral Box Pattern →

Blue & Brown Pillows