An Orange Pumpkin Wall Decor To Celebrate A Golden Fall Season

canvas print showing an golden orange pumpkin

The orange pumpkin wall decor on canvas brings with its monochrome orange hue the golden fall season into your kitchen.

To explore the full collection of kitchen wall decor prints by KBM D3signs, please follow the thumbnails. Equally important, these are available on wrapped canvas as well as a poster print. Which, in turn, makes a cheap wall decor for kitchens.

Pumpkin Wall decor, how to customize your orange kitchen wall decor?

The orange pumpkin print is a great fall wall decor bringing the golden hues of fall into the kitchen. The art print is purchasable in poster quality for the budget-conscious or on a framed wrapped canvas.

However, it is worth noting the print shows the monochrome shades of pumpkin orange. That means the orange is visible in its original color and lightened by white or subdued by black. If you like the color as is, then that’s perfect, and no further reading is necessary.

In the instance that your kitchen color scheme requires a different hue for its decor, continue reading. There is an elegant solution by modifying the background color. Due to the templates using white and black to achieve monochrome color tones, mid-range background colors return the best print results.

For convenience, KBM D3signs published a step by step guide that delivers instructions in word and image on how to customize the background color using a mobile device or a desktop.

Possible additional customization to support your traditional, industrial, country, or even eclectic kitchen style

The pumpkin print gives further possibilities for customization. By adding a caption and choosing a font to support a vintage-style, modern-style, traditional-style, or whatever style you require to complement your kitchen. Then adjust the font-size and font-color to complete your decor vision. To request help with the customization, please follow the link to inquire.

For more inspiration on kitchen wall decor ideas, visit the Zazzle Marketplace.

The framed and wrapped canvas print features

Comfortably the wrapped canvas print comes in fourteen standard sizes and also allows for custom measurements to suit any kitchen wall space.
Additionally, the frame thickness comes in three sizes ranging from 0.75 to 2.5 inches.

Features for the cheap orange and black art poster

Choosing an attractive monochromatic print by KBM D3signs as a poster makes a great cheap orange wall decor for a kitchen. The poster paper qualities range from value paper in matte to semi-gloss poster paper. And from an archival heavyweight paper in matte to premium canvas with a gloss finish.

Easily liven up any kitchen wall space with twenty-two standard sizes and the option to order to measure.