Team-up Grey Throw Pillows With A Vibrant Colored One

Teaming-up grey throw pillows with one in a vibrant color set the foundation for this article. The pattern design used to explore color combinations is the spiral box pattern. It is placed either in its whole form as part of a seamless repeat pattern or becomes an angular pattern by zooming in on a particular part of the design. In any case, it returns exciting and diverse surface pattern designs.

Shown examples focus on four different placement outcomes, and each appears in ten colors. The colors include grey, pink, blue, yellow, turquoise, green, brown, red, purple, and orange. Each of the pattern placements comes in black, white, and shades of each. Patterns, in shades of black or white, will result in monochrome surface pattern prints. There the pattern design appears in the pillow color, either subdued by shades of black or lightened by shades of white.

Undoubtedly the best pillow feature is, that it gives room to color it your way.

How to personalize the pillow?

Personalize the fill color. With this, you choose a pattern design and match it to an existing living room color scheme.

Grey throw pillows with a geometric angular pattern
Grey and Black Pillow

The nested spiraling box pattern in four placement variations. The first one shows as a simple repeat pattern. The second mirror the pattern, while the third and fourth detail a quarter of the first and second example.

Grey and white pillow on pink couch
Grey and White Pillows

The throw pillow in grey with a white pattern decorates a pink couch.

In The Spotlight, An Irregular Triangle Pattern Set Against An Abstract Landscape

A throw pillow with an irregular triangle repeat pattern has the spotlight complementing a quad that quarters an abstract landscape at sunset in the domineering colors of grey and blush.

Sandy orange throw pillow with jaggered pattern on white armchair with abstract landscape art print
Sandy-Brown Pillow With Irregular Triangle Repeat Pattern Complementing An Abstract Landscape
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The Colorful Loft Living In A Loft Like Space

The home decor idea for ‘Colorful Loft Living’ followed a precious find. A bold and captivating artwork by a contemporary New Zealand artist. Michael Smither is the painter of the ‘Motumahanga Square Quartet’ which is available as a limited edition at

The Colorful Living Room In A Loft Like Space

Motumahanga Square Quartet shows four angles of an Island seen on the east coast of Northland. Michael Smither uses colorful evenly shaped blocks as backdrop to the rugged island scene.

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The Glowing Colors of an African Sunset Room

The Sunset Room mood-board takes inspiration from the glowing colors of an African sunset.

The Glowing Colors of an African Sunset Room
The Glowing Colors of an African Sunset

A deep yellow sofa is the vibrant focal point . The sofa seats three and shows black edging accents. Furnishings go hand in hand with the African theme. First there is a deep wooden coffee table that is decorated with traditional African carvings. Next there is an African sculptured  side table.

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