Team-up Grey Throw Pillows With A Vibrant Colored One

Teaming-up grey throw pillows with one in a vibrant color set the foundation for this article. The pattern design used to explore color combinations is the spiral box pattern. It is placed either in its whole form as part of a seamless repeat pattern or becomes an angular pattern by zooming in on a particular part of the design. In any case, it returns exciting and diverse surface pattern designs.

Shown examples focus on four different placement outcomes, and each appears in ten colors. The colors include grey, pink, blue, yellow, turquoise, green, brown, red, purple, and orange. Each of the pattern placements comes in black, white, and shades of each. Patterns, in shades of black or white, will result in monochrome surface pattern prints. There the pattern design appears in the pillow color, either subdued by shades of black or lightened by shades of white.

Undoubtedly the best pillow feature is, that it gives room to color it your way.

How to personalize the pillow?

Personalize the fill color. With this, you choose a pattern design and match it to an existing living room color scheme.

Grey throw pillows with a geometric angular pattern
Grey and Black Pillow

The nested spiraling box pattern in four placement variations. The first one shows as a simple repeat pattern. The second mirror the pattern, while the third and fourth detail a quarter of the first and second example.

Grey and white pillow on pink couch
Grey and White Pillows

The throw pillow in grey with a white pattern decorates a pink couch.

How to customize the coloration accent decor?

Ultimately all the display colors are illustrations. These allow for customization by simply modifying the fill color. With this in mind, it is a breeze to match an existing color scheme. Instructions for both, using a mobile device or a desktop are given in word and image by following the link. 

To request help with the customization, please follow the link to inquire. We are here to help with both extending the product range and customizing the product to the accent color of your choice.

Color combination using grey throw pillows as the starting point

Grey and black pillow with black pattern
Grey and Black Pillow

One cushion in grey and black accentuates a grey armchair.

Grey and orange cushions
Grey and Orange Pillows

The orange couch shows accent cushions in the color combination of orange and grey.

Grey and pink pillows on pink armchair
Grey and Pink Pillows

Pink and grey make a stylish decor for a pink armchair.

Yellow and grey cushions on grey couch
Grey and Yellow Pillows

Yellow and grey accessories complement grey seating furniture well.

Grey and red pillows on a red couch
Grey and Red Pillows

The red and grey cushions with a modern angular pattern print make a stylish accessory for the deep red sofa.

Blue and Grey Pillows on yellow couch
Grey and Blue Pillows

Pillows in shades of blue paired with grey look great on a light yellow sofa to bring a joyful atmosphere into the place.

Grey and purple cushions on a purple couch
Grey and Purple Pillows

Light purple and grey pillow decor looks stunning on a dark purple couch.

Grey and green cushions
Grey and Green Pillows

Green and grey cushions on a grey couch make a sophisticated impression.

At KBM D3signs, we love feedback, so please feel free to post your color and decor idea.