3 Scenes Of Colorful Wall Decor For The Kitchen With Fruit Art

Colorful wall decor shines in three kitchen settings. The three scenes include a traditional kitchen in black, a modern kitchen in dark turquoise, and third a white country style kitchen. Each features a set of three fruit art prints.

Presented colors are exemplary. If your kitchen requires a different color palette, that is easily solved. Find out how to customize the background option. It works on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. Instructions are in word and image for either approach. One more important thing, each of the fruit wall art has a caption. Remove it, change the language, adjust font, font-size, and font-color to reflect your kitchen style and color theme.

1. Bright colored fruit wall decor for a black kitchen

The traditional kitchen style in black with a wooden kitchen bench can handle well bright colors for wall decor. In this case, KBM D3signs chose a red cherry, a green smoothie, and a yellow banana print. All three templates have something in common. That is, each of their color palettes exhibits monochrome shades of its background color, starting with hues subdued by black and ending in a tone lightened by white.

Black Kitchen And Fruit Wall Art Decor
Black Kitchen shows colorful fruit wall art

2. Colorful wall decor for modern kitchen in dark turquoise

The modern style kitchen in dark turquoise paired with light wood against a medium grey wall sets the perfect frame for a triple set of brightly colored fruit art prints. The colors are monochrome, darkened by shades of black. One base color is yellow with a banana. The second is orange with a tumbler and a fruit bowl as a backdrop. The colors bring the kitchen alive.

Colorful wall decor for turquoise kitchen

3. Pastel-colored fruit wall decor for white country style kitchen

The white country style kitchen with a wooden kitchen bench and white tiled walls sets the frame for three pastel-colored art prints, featuring pinkish-red cherries, a pastel purple-blue tumbler with a fruit bowl, and a bunch of banana in yellow.

Colorful Country Style Kitchen Wall Decor in Red Cherries, Blue Smoothie, Yellow Banana
White country style kitchen and paste-colored wall art decor

The expedition into colorful wall decor for the kitchen in pastel shades of red, blue, and yellow concludes here.

If you like the ideas, check out the wall decor by KBM D3signs. If you require a custom design, please contact us.

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