3 Fall Wall Decor Ideas, Pumpkin, Apple, And Cats

Fall wall decor ideas include a pumpkin, apples and a pair of cats are shown as three wall decor examples in three kitchen settings.

In the first kitchen, we see white cabinets with a vintage flair. In the second example, a dark, modern kitchen presents itself with cabinet fronts in wenge. The third kitchen shows a traditional style with light grey cabinets. Each kitchen forms the frame for an art print with fall in mind.

Can I Modify The Canvas Print Color?

The coloration of the canvas prints is exemplary. If you like one of the art prints, but the color fails to work for your purpose, then solve it by customizing the background. Instructions on how to initiate the change are available for mobile devices as well as for desktop devices.

One more point. Some of the prints show a caption, which allows editing. Either remove it, change the word, modify the font to adopt a kitchen style like vintage or eclectic as well as adjust its font size and font color.

1. An orange pumpkin print, the most traditional fall wall decor

The monochrome orange pumpkin print on canvas complements the white vintage-style kitchen well. While the canvas print theme is seasonal, the color allows adjustment to any mid-range hue to match your kitchen color and style.  

In the presented example, the white kitchen cupboards have a pale orange to brown melange granite patterned bench top. A seasonal fall display consists of pumpkins, pumpkin-orange colored candles, and colorful fall leaves along with the window sill that, in its entirety, harmonizes with the pumpkin print.

Orange pumpkin wall decor for modern style kitchen
Orange pumpkin fall wall decor
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3 Scenes Of Colorful Wall Decor For The Kitchen With Fruit Art

Colorful wall decor shines in three kitchen settings. The three scenes include a traditional kitchen in black, a modern kitchen in dark turquoise, and third a white country style kitchen. Each features a set of three fruit art prints.

Presented colors are exemplary. If your kitchen requires a different color palette, that is easily solved. Find out how to customize the background option. It works on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. Instructions are in word and image for either approach. One more important thing, each of the fruit wall art has a caption. Remove it, change the language, adjust font, font-size, and font-color to reflect your kitchen style and color theme.

1. Bright colored fruit wall decor for a black kitchen

The traditional kitchen style in black with a wooden kitchen bench can handle well bright colors for wall decor. In this case, KBM D3signs chose a red cherry, a green smoothie, and a yellow banana print. All three templates have something in common. That is, each of their color palettes exhibits monochrome shades of its background color, starting with hues subdued by black and ending in a tone lightened by white.

Black Kitchen And Fruit Wall Art Decor
Black Kitchen shows colorful fruit wall art
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Chicken Wall Decor To Complete The Wall Decoration In A White, Blue, Yellow, Or Orange Kitchen

KBM D3signs examines chicken wall decor for seven kitchens differing in color and style.

There is a white, blue-grey, vanilla-yellow, orange, and green kitchen. The kitchen style extends from country to rustic, and modern to traditional. See for yourself how the mother chicken with a chick and the newly hatching chick as motif shine in these diverse conditions.

Do the sandy-orange and mossy green wall decor colors fail to work for your kitchen, then find out how to utilize the custom color background option. Find instructions, in word and image, to use on your mobile device or your desktop.

Besides, remove or alter the caption in the example. Also, use the font to support your kitchen style. After changing text, font, and color, make easy adjustments to font size and font color too.

1. Chicken Wall Decor To Style The Wall In A Country Kitchen

The first example shows a white vintage country kitchen, with a white brick wall, a light wooden kitchen bench, and orange-brown wooden decor accents. The selected wall decor shows a canvas wall hanging pair in sandy orange. Both chicken-related motifs show an optional caption.

Sandy-orange colored hen and chick print decorate the wall in a white kitchen with wooden counter
Sandy-orange chicken kitchen wall art in country kitchen
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Rooster Wall Art For Kitchen, Modern Wall Decor Ideas For Blue Kitchens

KBM D3signs explores the rooster wall art for the kitchen in six scenarios. Modern blue kitchen designs either show blue cabinets or blue kitchen walls. The shades of blue encompass dark blues to mid-range tones like royal blue. Widening the color palette returns more styling facets, which a combination of teal and yellow and a shade of light turquoise-blue show.

KBM D3signs aims to inspire with the diverse use of the rooster wall art.

If the color examples do not work for your kitchen, find out how to use the custom color background option. It works on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. Find instructions in word and image for both approaches.

1 Bright four colored wall art against a dark-blue kitchen wall

The first scenario shows modern white and grey kitchen cabinets set against a dark blue kitchen wall. A rooster canvas print Quartett shines here in the colors light blue, yellow, orange-red, and dark blue.

Rooster Quartet In Light-Blue, Yellow, Orange-red And Dark Blue Rooster Prints
Rooster Wall Art For Kitchen, Quartet
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