Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas Related To Water Activities

The bathroom wall decor ideas complement bathroom accessories in ten color variations showing a polka dot pattern. All ten poster designs have themes related to water activities at the beach, sea, or in the bathtub, in addition to the decor color that makes the wall decoration pop.

Bathtub Duck Wall Decor For Yellow Polka Dot Bathroom Decor
Yellow Bathtub Duck

Ten Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

  • Yellow Bathtub Duck
  • Turquoise Sunglasses At The Beach
  • Two Beach Chairs In Grey
  • Whale Fin At Sunset
  • Imagine & Manifest! Message In A Bottle
  • Blue Sailing Boat In The Ocean
  • Purple Bathtub Sailing Boat
  • Red Flip-Flops At The Beach
  • Jandals At The Beach
  • Vacation Photo Collage

Polka Dot Bathroom Accessories And Wall Decor

Altogether the color palette for the polka dot bathroom accessories consists of a matching shower curtain, bath mat, towel set, vanity tray, flip-flops, and fixtures such as drawer knob and light switch, as well as bathing accessories for taking a dip at the beach. Colors range from yellow, turquoise, grey, pink, green, blue, purple, red, brown, and black and white. Each color shows a color-coordinated wall art print.

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