Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas – Torn – Decorative Tears

Six stylish bathroom decor ideas – Torn – put decorative tears into the center of its design idea.

Here, the three-shaded turquoise-green bathroom decor shows the torn design with white stripes on teal green connecting a blue-green and turquoise-green field.

Six Playful Designs To Transform A Plain Bathroom Decor Idea

  • Three shades of green divided by tear lines
  • Black and white stripes and colored tiles bordered by ripped lines
  • Blue and white stripes and ripped lines frame a custom name
  • Yellow and white stripes and dots pattern frame with their tear line a floral pattern
  • Torn surprise frames a multilingual typography pattern: Courage
  • Coastal vibe with an abstract sunset behind the dunes

Geometric Black And White Tears

Geometric vertical and horizontal stripes with tear lines unravel a colored tile pattern.

Shades Of Blue & A Custom Name

In shades of blue, white striped pattern tears apart and forms the stage for a blue space and a custom name.

Three Yellow Torn Patterns Send A Spark Of Joy

The three yellow torn patterns of dots and stripes connected with a floral surface pattern in golden yellow tones bring a flair of joy into any bathroom.

Tear Grey To Free Courage

Grey tears enclose the multilingual typography pattern courage in pink.

Coastal Beachscape

The coastal beachscape is formed by tears that shape a pastel yellow sunrise above the dune grass speckled dunes that lead into the refreshing turquoise sea. With an invitation to – Take a dip!

Can I Customize The Bathroom Accessories?

Yes. Name and invitation are template designs and allow easy replacement of text. When following the – Edit design – link, all colors allow manipulation.

Get Help With The Color Customization 

Coolors has a fantastic app to match colors. 

Also, find step-by-step instructions for the customization process.

If you like the design style yet require hands-on help for product customization or expansion, or to discuss a custom design, contact KBM D3signs on Telegram or fill out the form to get in touch.

Above all, have fun expressing your feeling about color

Does the customization process or the surface design meet your expectations? 

And remember to share your experiences in using the template, design happiness, or decor achievement so that KBM D3signs can improve their over all designs.