Black and White Bath Art

The black and white bath art series emerged after a visit from my daughter. During this precious family reunion, we were fortunate to experience a time filled with love, joy, and laughter aside from exciting new experiences on the beautiful west coast beaches of New Zealand.

Surrounded by Love

Surrounded By Love, Black And White Bath Wall Art
Love Dog, Bath Wall Art

The poster print – Surrounded by Love – highlights through a starburst shape and a frame using word love in a typography pattern in red, black, and white, the importance of your pet. A dog bathing functions as a placeholder here complementing bathroom decor in the love typography pattern. Replace the sample image with a bathing shot showing your pet.bc

Morning Calm At The Beach

Black And White Beach Art
Black And White Beach

Here the bathroom art – Morning Calm At The Beach – shows an abstract beach art print in black and white. It was inspired during an early morning beach walk where the surf rolled  peacefully onto the shore and the sun rose gently behind dunegrass-covered sand.

Generally, ripped shapes are the foundation of the beach scene composition.

Why is that of significance?

It is of significance as shapes and background color allow color customization. Just follow the link – Edit using design tool.

Surfing Wall Art

In the following surfing wall art series of three, inspirations find expression in remembrance of our holiday highlight. Our family parttook in surfing lessons on one of Auckland’s west coast beaches. As a result a set of three panels and a set of two panels took on shape. Each of the panels hangs also beautifully as a solitaire and carries a customizable text message. Above all, the three panels tell the surfing story from evaluating the surf, paddling out at sunset and riding the wave to shore. Meanwhile the next two moodboards portray the paddling out and riding the wave towards the shore. Both can form also a set of two.

Re-Invent Yourself!

Lastly two motivational posters that appeal to re-invent yourself. Both display a written encouragement in addition to an exemplary image that carries this message. The idea to this message emerged from an observation of a Monarch Butterfly pairing, laying eggs , the eggs becoming caterpillars and theses transmuting into chrysalises. A round frame highlights the focus onto the promis bearing chrysalis from which a beautiful Monarch butterfly will hatch. It using the layout as template.makes a strong symbol of transformation. Ultimately the photo is a placeholder, and the poster layout allows personalisation in image and text.

Overall, a creative spurt inspired by New Zealand, and mirroring the fun enjoyed by activities around beach, coast and bush followed our family vacation time. In all its glory the impression translated to the Beach Birthday Party Accessories and the Bathroom Wall Decor collection. For decoration ideas using the wall hangings visit – Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas Related To Water – matched with vintage polka dot pattern variations. A second series of decor ideas is found under the – Bathroom Wall Art Ideas Matching The Torn Bath Decor.

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