Bathroom Wall Art Ideas Matching The Torn Bath Decor

The modern bathroom wall art ideas beautifully complement the – Torn – bath decor. In the collection, tears become the artistic tool to create layered pattern compositions. As a result, KBM D3signs presents attractive multi-patterned and multi-colored wall decor to match the – Torn – bathroom decor and bathing accessories. Ultimately each single art print can also stand alone.

Message in a Bottle

Bathroom Wall Art Idea Showing A Message In A Bottle In Blue
Message In A Bottle

Here, the – Message in a Bottle – shows a bottle with a message floating in the ocean at sunrise. The dominant colors are blue, pastel yellow, black, and white complementing the three shaded blue striped and named bathroom accessories.

Six Wall Decor Ideas To Let A Plain Bathroom Stand Out

  • Message in a Bottle
  • Whale Fin at Sunrise
  • Three Playfully Jumping Dolphins
  • Relaxing with a Cocktail in a Beach Chair
  • Mr. & Mrs. Beach Chairs
  • Beach Vacation Photo Collage

Whale Fin at Sunrise

For – Whale Fin at Sunrise – the domineering color is yellow, and the fin stands against a glowing sun in a calm sea. A bright yellow three-torn pattern decorates the bath decor in connection.  

Three Playfully Jumping Dolphins

The – Three Playfully Jumping Dolphins – have a peaceful sea against a rosy sunrise. It goes with a modern grey and pink torn design centered around the motivational typography pattern – Courage.

Relaxing with a Cocktail in a Beach Chair

The poster – Relaxing with a Cocktail in a Beach Chair – hangs in the bathroom decorated with accessories showing black and white stripes framing a tile pattern.

Mr. & Mrs. Beach Chairs

Here the poster – Mr. and Mrs. Beach Chair – accessorizes the wall for a bath decorated with a turquoise green tear design.

Beach Vacation Photo Collage

Personalize the – Beach Vacation Photo Collage with square photos of your Instagram feed featuring your last holiday on the sea. The collage complements here the beach decor design.

All – Torn – decor ideas are examples. You can also use all bathroom wall art posters as you, please. Alternatively, customize their coloration and texts to make them work for your bath.

Customize The Bathroom Art?

Name and invitation are placeholders within the designs that allow replacing the text. And when following the – Edit design – link, all existing colors allow manipulation. Give it a try!

Get Help With The Color Customization 

Coolors has a fantastic app to match colors. 

Also, find step-by-step instructions for the customization process.

If you like the design style yet require hands-on help for product customization or expansion, or to discuss a custom design, contact KBM D3signs on Telegram or let’s get in touch by email.

Above all, have fun expressing your feeling about color

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