Christmas Birthday Party Invitation For Kids In Turquoise-Blue

The Christmas Birthday party invitation and accessories in turquoise-blue show a playful snowflake kids’ winter birthday theme. Everything included, the collection holds birthday invitation and decor, paper table accessories, and party favors.

Winter Snowflake Party Theme

In pastel turquoise-blue, the snowflake design makes a cute party theme for toddlers and kids. The invitation design mimics snow crystals falling. Find all in all in the series an invite, a Happy Birthday banner, and a party hat. To decorate the table in the snowflake theme, find paper plates, cups, and napkins. Then, there are also party favor bags or boxes with filling such as buttons, mints, and chocolates to thank each guest in style for making the party a success.

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Can I Modify The Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation?

Yes, customization is possible in two steps. In fact, all items in the Christmas Birthday party invitation collection allow modification. 

First, designed as a template, you fill in the text that will appear in the custom birthday party invitation.

Second, follow for further customization the link – Edit using Design Tool.

Personalize The Template

Indeed, each template allows readily to replace the given text with your word choices.

What to personalize, Christmas Birthday Party Invitation For Kids in blue

Edit Using Design Tool

Within the design tool, you can altogether adjust the coloration for each product. In fact, your color replaces the present turquoise blue hue. Additionally, adapt the font color. Here it is also possible to alter the font style and size. Font size usually depends on the font style.

What to edit, Christmas Birthday Party Invitation For Kids in blue

For assistance in personalizing the turquoise-blue kids’ Christmas Birthday party supplies, we prepared a step-by-step guide on the following page. 

All in all, the products in the mood board compositions are part of an expanded collection. If you require additional items, and these are available among the Zazzle products, then message KBMD3signs. We are happy to remedy that or to discuss an alternate custom design.