Custom Photo Collage Poster For The Family Dining Room

With a personalized photo collage poster, transform your family dining room into a storytelling space. KBM D3signs presents an inspiring example featuring blossoms, pollinators, and the bountiful harvest.

Hexagon custom photo collage poster shows the relationship between blossom, pollinators, yield and treat
Blossoms | Pollinators | Yield

The portrait-oriented collage consists of eleven images arranged in a captivating hexagon pattern. The poster showcases honeycomb-shaped photo frames, each displaying a unique element related to the theme. Among these elements are images of blooming flowers, busy bees, a beehive, honeycombs, jars of honey, freshly harvested fruits, and a delightful dessert made from sweet strawberries. Together, they weave a tale of the profound connection between blossoms, pollinators, and the abundance of nature’s bounty.

Four Sets of Two Posters As Dining Room Wall Decor

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Beach Birthday Party Invitation For Kids

The beach birthday party invitation for kids has torn elements as the overarching element. And it comes in modern colors such as black, white, and sandy brown.

Overall, the birthday invitation for kids works well to introduce a beach party theme. Complementing accessories like party table supplies, party favors, and party memorabilia are part of the Beach Party collection.

Beach Party Invitation

Kid's Beach Birthday Party Invitation, Banner and Flip-Flops
Kid’s Beach Birthday Party Invitation

A torn paper effect emulates a sun just above dunes and dune grass. A sweeping surf and a shell frame the lower part of the birthday invitation. Meanwhile, the center portion shows a sandy-brown hue holding all party and RSVP details. The party banner and beach shoes as props reflect the design.

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Lady Bug Birthday Party Invitation For A 1-Year-Old

The lady bug birthday party invitation for a 1-year-old shows the complementary colors red and green of the color wheel. Symbols featured in the design are a ladybug and clover leaves.

It makes a cute spring birthday theme and ranks high under the 1st birthday party ideas.

Lady Bug Party Invitation & Decorations

Lady Bug Birthday Party Invitation In Red And Green
Lady Bug Birthday Party Invitation

On a black-dotted red background, mimicking a lady bug, clover leaves serve as a frame and writing field for the customizable invitation text.

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Pink Winter Birthday Party Invitation For Kids

The pink winter Birthday party invitation for kids and complementing party supplies for decor, table, and favor bags show a playful snow crystal theme.

Winter Season Snowflake Party Theme

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Christmas Birthday Party Invitation For Kids In Turquoise-Blue

The Christmas Birthday party invitation and accessories in turquoise-blue show a playful snowflake kids’ winter birthday theme. Everything included, the collection holds birthday invitation and decor, paper table accessories, and party favors.

Winter Snowflake Party Theme

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Fun Kids Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation And Accessories

The fun kids’ butterfly birthday party invitation and accessories in orange make a bright birthday party theme. All in all the party accessories include a birthday invitation, table decor, and a favors bag.

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Monarch Butterfly Birthday Invitation For Kids

The Monarch butterfly birthday invitation for kids makes a decorative birthday party theme including party, table, and favor bag accessories.

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Ripple Pattern – Wavy Line Pattern Throw Pillows

A ripple pattern decorates the pillows. The pattern design appears horizontal, vertical, or diagonal in black, white, subdued, or lightened.

7 Pillow Color Combinations Meet-up With Wall Decor

  1. Pillow pair in black and white
  2. Pink and green pillow set
  3. Green square accent pillows
  4. Blue and green pillows
  5. Green, orange and purple pillow triplet
  6. Mystic purple throw pillows
  7. Red throw pillows
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Monarch Butterfly Bathroom Decor & Beach Accessories

The Monarch butterfly bathroom decor and beach accessories are part of a cute bathroom decor design collection.

Three base designs consist of an abstract wing repeat pattern, a butterfly pair feeding on swan plants in lightened and subdued analog hues, and a single butterfly silhouette.

Abstract Wing Repeat Pattern

The abstract wing pattern once appears here as black and white bathroom decor with a motivational – Dare to dream! Meanwhile, the second bath shows the surface pattern in the traditional black, white, and orange of the eye-catching insect with an inspirational sentence – Life is magical! In both cases, adjust the orange or white large areas to a hue you prefer and modify the text to something meaningful to you.

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