Turquoise Throw Pillows and With What Colors To Pair Them Up

Turquoise throw pillows with a waved ripple pattern mimic, a peaceful and steady ripple of the sea rolling towards the shore. And are in the center of the decoration idea exploration with a modern white couch.

The color turquoise is associated with creativity and communication. Light turquoise reminds me of summer and the coolness of a dip into the sea.

Turquoise throw pillows with ripple pattern

Square pillows display the rippled pattern design in four variations. First, there is the differentiation between lightened and subdued shades of the repeat pattern. Second, the reduction to two colors of turquoise and black or white. Fourth, the pattern size returns different expressions too. Fifth and last, direction varies between horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. 

Each direction shows ten color examples, including apart of turquoise the colors: yellow, grey, red, pink, purple, orange, brown, blue, and green. These form one collection that then shows the black, white, lightened, and subdued pattern in each pattern direction.

A feature that all examples have in common is the invitation to modify the fill color if it does not match your home decoration project requirement.

Ten decorations with a modern white couch, summer-fresh turquoise throw pillows, and

Inspiration is everywhere. In the following examples: seascapes were initiators to the series of ten pillow pair decors.

Pink Throw Pillows – Stylish Rose Surface Print

Pink throw pillows are at the heart of the feminine living room decor exploration. Here playful styling examples around color combination with pink find their spotlight. Color blends for the styling examples are pink and grey, pink and orange, pink and green, pink and yellow, and pink and blue. In this instance, floral pillows showing a single monochrome rose are the styling props.

Furthermore, the flower pattern displays in hues subdued by shades of black on less saturated colors and more intensely saturated colors lightened by white.

Pink pillows with a single rose pattern
Pink Throw Pillows With Rose Pattern

Subsequently, there are ten pale and ten intensely saturated colors in the rose pattern collection. Among the colors to point out are pink, grey, orange, green, yellow, and blue. Whereas colors that are not paired up with pink include brown, red, turquoise, and purple.

Published products comprise square pillows, lumbar pillows, round pillows, cubes, and round poufs and blankets.

Lastly, if the pattern finds your favor, and the coloration is off for your existing home decoration or your new make-over project. Choose the pattern design and color to color it your way by personalizing the fill color.

Six decoration ideas using the same modern couch and pink throw pillows

In the following six decorating examples, KBM D3signs focuses, in fact, on exploring color combinations with pink pillows using the same white couch in off-white with charcoal armrests.

Yellow Throw Pillows With Leaf Pattern, Modern Autumn Accents

Here we explore yellow throw pillows for a couch during the golden autumn season.

The repeat pattern decorating the accent pillows shows a leaf pattern design. In the following images, KBM D3signs explores varying pattern sizes in monochrome coloration.

Yellow is a wonderful hue to combine well with a range of other colors. Examples show pillows in pure yellow playfully lightened by white or darkened by black. Yellow pillow mixes include yellow and red, yellow and grey, yellow and blue, yellow and green, yellow and turquoise to finally introduce a pillow print in yellow and black. Presented modern decors give testimony to the possibilities yellow throw pillows hold with the autumn season in mind.

You will also find out how to adjust the pillow coloration to match your needs should the color palette not work for the conditions in question.

Yellow Throw Pillows, A Reminder To The Color Delight Of Autumn Leaves

Leaf Pattern Design on Yellow Throw Pillows
Monochrome Yellow Throw Pillows With Regular Leaf Pattern

Golden autumn leaves inspire the use of the yellow leaves patterned accent pillows on a light sofa with its modern metal framed glass coffee table.

3 Fall Wall Decor Ideas, Pumpkin, Apple, And Cats

Fall wall decor ideas include a pumpkin, apples and a pair of cats are shown as three wall decor examples in three kitchen settings.

In the first kitchen, we see white cabinets with a vintage flair. In the second example, a dark, modern kitchen presents itself with cabinet fronts in wenge. The third kitchen shows a traditional style with light grey cabinets. Each kitchen forms the frame for an art print with fall in mind.

Can I Modify The Canvas Print Color?

The coloration of the canvas prints is exemplary. If you like one of the art prints, but the color fails to work for your purpose, then solve it by customizing the background. Instructions on how to initiate the change are available for mobile devices as well as for desktop devices.

One more point. Some of the prints show a caption, which allows editing. Either remove it, change the word, modify the font to adopt a kitchen style like vintage or eclectic as well as adjust its font size and font color.

1. An orange pumpkin print, the most traditional fall wall decor

The monochrome orange pumpkin print on canvas complements the white vintage-style kitchen well. While the canvas print theme is seasonal, the color allows adjustment to any mid-range hue to match your kitchen color and style.  

In the presented example, the white kitchen cupboards have a pale orange to brown melange granite patterned bench top. A seasonal fall display consists of pumpkins, pumpkin-orange colored candles, and colorful fall leaves along with the window sill that, in its entirety, harmonizes with the pumpkin print.

Orange pumpkin wall decor for modern style kitchen
Orange pumpkin fall wall decor
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