Yellow Throw Pillows With Leaf Pattern, Modern Autumn Accents

Here we explore yellow throw pillows for a couch during the golden autumn season.

The repeat pattern decorating the accent pillows shows a leaf pattern design. In the following images, KBM D3signs explores varying pattern sizes in monochrome coloration.

Yellow is a wonderful hue to combine well with a range of other colors. Examples show pillows in pure yellow playfully lightened by white or darkened by black. Yellow pillow mixes include yellow and red, yellow and grey, yellow and blue, yellow and green, yellow and turquoise to finally introduce a pillow print in yellow and black. Presented modern decors give testimony to the possibilities yellow throw pillows hold with the autumn season in mind.

You will also find out how to adjust the pillow coloration to match your needs should the color palette not work for the conditions in question.

Yellow Throw Pillows, A Reminder To The Color Delight Of Autumn Leaves

Leaf Pattern Design on Yellow Throw Pillows
Monochrome Yellow Throw Pillows With Regular Leaf Pattern

Golden autumn leaves inspire the use of the yellow leaves patterned accent pillows on a light sofa with its modern metal framed glass coffee table.

Catalyst Of The Monochrome Leaves Pattern, And Your Hidden Advantage

Here are some thoughts on the origin of the leaves pattern design.

The autumn quote by Jim Bishop motivated this decor series.

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than any other of the seasons.

Jim Bishop
Quote by Jim Bishop - Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.
Quote by Jim Bishop – Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.

Ultimately, transparencies influence the monochromatic effect. Meaning the selected fill color shines in varying intensities through the repeat pattern. Depending on the template, the chosen fill color appearance is either lighter or darker or even becomes the companion to a black leaf pattern. If the present yellow is perfect, you can skip the further reading.

What does this mean for you?

However, if the published color does not meet your color expectations, but you like the pattern, there is an easy solution to color it your way. KBM D3signs prepared a step-by-step instruction guide in word and image on how to change the background color on a mobile device or a desktop.

To request help with the customization, contact KBM D3signs. We are here to help with both extending the product range and customizing the product to the accent color of your choice.

Pair up Red, Grey, Blue, Green, And Turquoise Pillows With Yellow Throw Pillows

Living room decor ideas pair up yellow pillows with red, grey, blue, green, or turquoise pillows.

Yellow and red throw pillows
Yellow and Red Pillows

A modern loft living style features a light chesterfield sofa. A yellow pillow pairs up with two red tones capturing in essence an autumn mood. The combination reminds me of the color richness in gardens, parks, and forests during the fall season.

Yellow and grey throw pillows
Yellow and Grey Pillows

Altogether a playful yet modern result for a grey single sofa lounger is achieved by bringing yellow leaf patterned pillows in combination with a grey throw pillow.

Yellow and blue throw pillows
Yellow and Blue Pillows

Overall the decor for the light grey Lawson-style sofa found its inspiration in a yellow leaf dancing in the wind against a dark-blue sky. The dark blue pillow and the yellow pillow show a pattern that lightens the color with shades of white.

Yellow and green throw pillows
Yellow and Green Pillows

The light 1950 vintage style Kelton armchair decor, as can be seen, green and yellow pillows with a leaf pattern that lightens the pillow color.

Yellow and turquoise throw pillows
Yellow and Turquoise Pillows

A yellow leaf set against a turquoise blue sky in the sun inspired the decoration for the medium grey couch. As shown above, the pattern shows its large leaves subdued on the yellow and turquoise pillows.

Yellow and black throw pillows
Yellow and Black Pillows

A black mid-century modern sofa uses yellow and black leaf-patterned pillows to accent. Indeed, the yellow and black theme transcends to the yellow wall.

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