Square Wall Decor & Set Of Two Pillows

Nine times square wall decor paired with various sets of two pillows is the focus here. Themes are multiple and share the square poster format.

Topics Of The Square Art Prints

  • First, an Auckland west coast beach masks the Love typography expressed in a pattern.
  • Then there are three aerial beach views of Auckland beaches.

The following five wall decorations are of digital art and modified nature.

  • A digitally artistically modified photo of a crevasse in the glowing afternoon sun connecting beach and sea.
  • Then there is a view from a cave overviewing the beach in the glistening sun.
  • In green, an abstract paint splatter work in green pairs with a quote.
  • A pumpkin placed against the low-hanging sun lying on its patch brings out golden orange hues.
  • Last, an isometric room serves as a frame for a family collage for five.

Love Typography

Love Karekare Beach square wall decor meets nested box pattern throw pillows in brown and blue

The beach image masking a Love typography pattern pairs the decor idea with a set of two throw pillows that show a nested square pattern design in brown and blue.

Customization Options:

Poster: image, size, print material, color between the letters (fill color)
Pillows: fill color, the color of choice, will show the pattern lightened

Square Beach Photo Prints

Karekare Beach shows here its beautiful black sand and pairs with a blue and a brown diagonal ripple patterned throw pillow.

A stunning aerial view over Anawhata Beach pairs with a pair of striped tiles patterned pillows.

From a heightened vantage point on the fringing ridge, O’Neills Bay is the theme in the square poster wall decor. It complements grey and brown angular patterned throw pillows.

Customization options:

Poster: size, format, and print material
Pillows: fill color, the color of choice, will show the pattern lightened or subdued

Digitally Artistically Modified, Abstract & Portrait Collage Square Wall Decor

Digitally Artistically Modified Square Wall Decor

The golden summer hues of the crevasse complement pillows with a fragmented circle pattern in blue and orange.

Customization options:

Poster: size, format and print material, amount of panels
Pillows: fill color, the color of choice, will show the pattern lightened or subdued

Abstract Square Posters

Here a view from the cave to the beach at noon pairs with yellow pillows that show nested quarter circles.

An orange pumpkin before its harvest makes up the motif in the poster print. Meanwhile, the accessorizing pillows show a lined circles pattern in orange.

The green splatter art frames the quote: Lead change and make accidental intentional. A green pillow paired with a nested square pattern complements the square print.

Customization options:

Poster: fill color (the color of choice will show lightened and subdued), size, format, and print material
Pillows: fill color, the color of choice, will deliver the pattern lightened or subdued

Portrait Collage

An abstract isometric room shows a solid, striped wall and a checkered floor. It forms the frame for five portraits in the collage poster. And a set of two pillows in black and white with overlaying circles and stripes complement the modern square wall decor.

Customization options:

Poster: replace the five portraits with photos of your family, a child in various poses, a circle of friends, or whatever jumps to mind. The fill color (the color of choice will show pairing with white), size, format, and print material
Pillows: fill color, your color of choice will display with the pattern in black or white

Get Help With The Customization And Find Tools To Match Colors

Coolors has a fantastic app to match colors. Find step-by-step instructions for the customization process.

If you like the design style yet require hands-on help for product customization and expansion, or you would like a custom design, contact us directly on Telegram https://t.me/kbmd3signs. Most of all, have fun expressing your feeling for color. And remember, we thrive on the feedback and would love to see the result in action.