9 Black And White Wall Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

Black and white wall decoration for your living room is a timeless and stylish color scheme to consider. The contrasting tones of black and white create a bold and sophisticated look that can enhance the overall ambiance of your space. In this article, we will explore several ideas for black and white wall decorations that can enhance the visual appeal of your living room.

Nine Examples of Black and White Wall Decorations Are Divided into Five Subcategories


A quad or four-panel abstract landscape can serve as an intriguing focal point on a gray wall. Here it hangs above a red two-seater and is accented with black, white, and red cushions. The combination creates a striking visual contrast.

Torn Abstract Landscape, Black and White
Torn Abstract Landscape
Motivational Artwork
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Pink And Black Pillows Meet Pink Wall Decor

Pink and black pillows accessorize a pink wall decor. The following examples show three sets of three wall art examples with pillow pairs in pink and black and pink and white. In essence, the pattern displays either black or white because pillows and wall decor allow color customization.

Altogether the hue is then up to you. And you decide whether it becomes hot pink, burned coral, or smoky blush. So it is easy to adjust the hue for any personality type too. That makes it fantastic to personalize a gift for a friend or yourself.

Nine Pink And Black Pillows And Wall Decor Ideas

The first three posters show a fruity theme. These are great for a dining table wall or a modern conservatory.

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Is It A Geometric Diamond Pattern? A Hexagon Or A Cube?

The geometric diamond pattern is an exciting and versatile surface pattern. Three diamond shapes form one hexagon. However, a hexagon also can translate into a cube with three faces a solid face, a diamond checker face, and a striped face. 

Throw pillows with a geometric hexagon, stripes, diamonds checkers and solid pattern

See yourself one pattern in various sizes and directions and constructed in shades. The pattern foundation is in white, black, shades of white, or black. Ultimately, you can select the color for the home decor item. Meanwhile, medium hues work best. The outcome will always be your selected coloration paired with black or white. If the pattern is in shades, it will appear either subdued or lightened. And because it is a repeat pattern, its pattern size is up to you.

Enjoy its versatility and send us a photo of how you used it to decorate your home.

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Edvard Munch Art Meets Pillows In Blue And Orange

Renowned Edvard Munch art meets pillows in blue and orange by KBMD3signs. Various patterned pillows embellish living room decor with the focus on nine artworks by the expressionist painter. 

Nine Edvard Munch Art Prints

  • Landscape Of Krogero
  • Vampire
  • Girls Picking Apples
  • Madonna 2
  • The Scream
  • The Yellow Log
  • The Voice, Summer Night
  • The Sun
  • Shore With Red House

About the Norwegian Painter Edvard Munch

The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was born in Adalsbruk, Loten, Norway, in 1863 on the 12th, of December. Aged 80, the artist died in Oslo on January 23 in 1944. 

As a well-known expressionist, his painting The scream reached internationally iconic status. 

“In my art, I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself.”

Entry in Edvard Munch’s Diary

Landscape Of Kragero, 1912

Landscape Of Kragero Log by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows with jagged pattern in orange and blue
Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch art print meets pillows

An energetic art print, Landscape Of Kragero by Edvard Munch, brings the scene to life in coral and turquoise blue with grass-green sloping hills. The modern and friendly wall decor complements a pair of throw pillows with a jagged pattern in blue and orange.

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Pink Purple Orange A Colorful & Innovative Decor

A pink, purple, and orange decor is a colorful and innovative decor solution to emphasize this captivating landscape print. Called ‘Brightwater’, it is an art print by Leah Spicer and available at prints.co.nz.

The artist zooms in on a dense blossom blanket that cascades into a summer-dried pale orange-brown flatland. Finally, green hills re-collect a sweeping gaze.

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Tangaroa – Art Print Meets Blue And Green Pillows

Blue and green pillows complement the art print Tangaroa. Tangaroa is a color-explosive art print by New Zealand artist Rob McGregor. The artwork depicts the god of the sea Tangaroa. According to Maori believe the sea is connected to the beginning of life.

Tangaroa Linked with Blue and Lime Home Decor

Here on this living room mood board three pillows with a fragmented circular pattern in blue, lime green, and turquoise accent the couch.

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Coastal Decor, In Harmony With The Colors Of The Sea

A bedroom decor within the coastal decor theme that keeps in harmony with the ‘Colors Of The Sea‘. The duvet cover and the throw pillow reflect beautifully to mood set by the art print ‘Beach Brunch‘.

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