Coastal Decor, In Harmony With The Colors Of The Sea

A bedroom decor within the coastal decor theme that keeps in harmony with the ‘Colors Of The Sea‘. The duvet cover and the throw pillow reflect beautifully to mood set by the art print ‘Beach Brunch‘.

An oyster-catcher indulging in the gifts the sea swept ashore becomes the focal point. True to the theme the dominating colors are shades of turquoise, steal grey, orange, red-orange against the blush colored sand.

A coastal environment underlies the constant change triggered by tide and wind. Therefore the interior decor reflect a certain unruliness with a shaggy wool rug and a circular unvarnished table with sea decor element in its center. In order to balance the composition the armchair has an orange color.

Coastal Decor, Designs Of The Drawing Board Of KBM D3signs

Coastal decor features the design series ‘Colors of the Sea’. Among this series is the design  ‘Density’ published.

The fact of the sea sweeping treasures to shore in an inconsistent way found translation into a graphic pattern. The background layer of the design is formed by three colored thin stripes in shades of turquoise to white.  The foreground brakes the regular pattern through scattered irregular layers of dots in varying density.

The mood-board shows two designs of the ‘Colors of the Sea’ series. One is a compelling duvet cover and the other is a stylish throw cushion.

The duvet cover has been published on Artsadd, and Zazzle. In consequence to choosing two different platforms the duvet cover and the pillow cases come in two qualities. Artadd offers a single sided print at an affordable price. While Zazzle promotes a double sided print for duvet cover and pillow cases. Therefore the price tag is higher.

The trow cushion showing a washed out shade of dark turquoise with a blush colored silhouette of a seabird set against a block color  is also available at Zazzle. This design follows the principle to allow exchanging the background color with any color. For color adjustments or custom designs please use the contact form.

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