Wave Haven Raglan – Screenprint by Tony Ogle – Art Meets Pillows – Pink and Green Pillows

Under the series – Art Meets Pillows – Wave Haven, Raglan is a screenprint by Tony Ogle and complemented by two pillows. One pillow in pink and the second in green. In both cases, the throw pillows display the ripple pattern.

The pillow surface pattern simulates the regular surf rolling towards the coastline, as depicted in the screenprint.

Art Meets Pillows - Wave Haven Raglan by Tony Ogle - Pink and Green Pillows with Ripple Pattern
Art Meets Pillows – Wave Haven Raglan by Tony Ogle – Pink and Green Pillows with Ripple Pattern

What is noteworthy about Wave Haven Raglan screenprint?

The numbered and signed screenprint shows a peaceful evening view where the observer experiences the sight of the surfer standing on the deck and enjoying the evening spectacle. Also, the scene includes a small single batch in grey-blue with pink accents. Green bush stretches on both sides of the building with an open view towards the sea. There evenly rolling turquoise green surf reaches the beach with a white crown. Meanwhile, the evening sky reflects its pink and blue hues in the distant water. 

It is a peaceful scene that stands out in the mix of colors used that are so descriptive to New Zealand’s West Coast.

Raglan is a tourist destination that is famed for an active holiday filled with lots of outdoor activities such as surfing, horse riding, tracking, and kayaking.

Remarkable details about the artist, Tony Ogle

Tony Ogle, a New Zealand artist, has a passion for New Zealand’s coast and the surfing sport. Details that are possibly behind the reason that coast and beach life are reoccurring motifs in various of his artworks.

What makes the pink and green pillows stand out?

The pink pillow and the green pillow have one trait in common. Indeed, both allow for revising the fill color.

How does this help you?

In the instance, you like the ripple pattern, but the color does not work for your home decoration, then color it your way. A revision of the fill color changes the pillow color. In the instance of the pink pillow, the fill color will pair with a white pattern. Meanwhile, the green cushion will show the pattern design in monochrome shades of the selected fill color. 

Both pillows are part of a collection of ten colorations. Additionally, there are four pattern variations, where each returns subdued or lightened and in black and white. If none of the colors work for you, you can color it your way by modifying the fill color.

This feature, altogether, permits you to match an existing home decor color or a new color scheme to support your decoration ideas.

As a design from KBM D3signs, the ripple pattern design is available in the store Fall for It at Zazzle. Furthermore, you will find ten different colorings. Aside from pink and green, the collection holds: blue, grey, orange, purple, brown, red, turquoise, and yellow. Each color promotes the pattern design on square pillows, lumbar pillows, round pillows, cubes, poufs, and various blankets.

For instructions on how to revise the fill color, please follow the links here: desktop devices or mobile devices. If you require hands-on help or you would like a custom design contact us directly on Telegram https://t.me/kbmd3signs_chat.