Brown And White Pillows Meet Landscape Photographs

Here, brown and white pillows accessorize ten landscape photographs.

All throw pillow patterns and photo posters complement each other in color and expression.

Throw Pillow Surface Pattern in Brown and White

  1. Torn surface pattern
  2. Wicker pattern
  3. Shell pattern
  4. Large Wicker pattern
  5. Wavy stripes pattern
  6. Ethnic triangle pattern
  7. Nested circle pattern
  8. Minimalist circle pattern
  9. Nested box spiral pattern
  10. Nested angular pattern

Torn Surface Pattern

Swamp Landscape Photo Print and a brown and white pillow in the torn pattern
Torn Pattern

The first example shows the – Torn – surface pattern and a photo poster of the wetlands at Whatipu Reserve West of Auckland.

Wicker Pattern

Second, a summer holiday photo collage joins the stylized wicker-pattern pillow.

Shell Pattern

Third reflects a coastal decor theme with digitally reworked beach crevasse photography and a shell-patterned pillow.

Wicker Style Tile Pattern

Fourth, a New Zealand photo print of rugged coast complements a wicker-style tile pattern.

Wavy Stripes Pattern

Fifth, an elegant wavy stripes pattern accessorizes a living room with a dark green armchair and a secluded New Zealand beach photo of Anawhata.

Triangle Pattern

Sixth, a triangle pillow pattern accessorizes a maroon-brown armchair aside from a photograph of the Castle Point Lighthouse in New Zealand.

Nested Circle Pattern

Seventh, a nested circle pattern accompanies a sunny beach photo of Piha Beach.

Minimalist Circle Pattern

Eighth, a minimalist circle pattern complements a sunny turquoise-blue-green and brown New Zealand coastline poster.

Nested Spiral Box Patterned Pillow

Ninth, a quirky throw pillow showing a nested box spiral design patterned complements the square driftwood photo poster.

Angular Nested Patterned Pillow

Tenth, the angular nested patterned pillow joins with a serene beach photo of cliffs that reflect on the surf-swept beach.

All in all, the examples are decoration ideas for sparking more ideas.

Modify The Brown Pillow Color!

Brown is the color of the pillows, and their surface pattern color is white.

Overall, midrange colors work best for modifying the fill color and matching a color palette. 

To achieve it, follow the – Edit design – link, and select your fill color. 

All designs allow the addition of text. You find all wall decor within the Zazzle store Kiaora New Zealand. There the photo collage works as a template and has image and text placeholders. For an optimum outcome, choose square images like in Instagram posts. Like that, your collage recounts your holiday story.

Get Help With The Color Customization 

Coolors has a fantastic app to match accent colors. 

Also, find step-by-step instructions for the customization process.

If you like the design style yet require hands-on help for product customization or expansion, or to discuss a custom design, contact KBM D3signs on Telegram or let’s get in touch by email.

Above all, have fun decorating with color and matching wall decorations

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