Monarch Butterfly Designs 8 Days 8 Sets

The Monarch Butterfly Design is in the center of attention for the next 8 days in 8 unique styling ideas. The idea was adopted when browsing the creations of fellow users. One stylist accessorized with the same pair of earrings dozens of outfits and faces to show the versatility of the piece jewellery. In short KBMD3signs liked the concept, adopted it and explored in a series of 8 sets: 8 styles, 8 colors and 8 living environs.

Identical in each set is a photo canvas print showing a freshly hatched Monarch Butterfly nectar suckling on a blossoming swan plant and a pair of throw pillows with an abstract design based on the butterfly’s wings.

The throw pillow is available at in the shop ‘Fall for It’. As a classic print on demand product the design template allows to replace the orange color to simply make it work with your personal color scheme. The beauty the design idea stays intact and reminds on the wing markings of the Monarch butterfly.

Day 1: Monarch Butterfly Design

First set:

Living space close to nature in the middle of the bush where large windows allow an unbroken view from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. Chosen are light natural colors and natural materials. Interiors exhibit a white sofa, a white washed wooden table on a natural jute rug and a minimalist architectural wooden hanging lamp accented by pillows with the Monarch butterfly design and the butterfly print. More about KBMD3signs' Monarch Butterfly Designs.

Flowing Indoors - Outdoors Living
Flowing Indoors - Outdoors Living by fallforit on